Prime Minister Minnis Extols Virtues of New ‘People’s Government’


Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis addressing Monday’s ceremonies held at Government House. (BIS Photo/Letisha Henderson)

GOVERNMENT HOUSE, Mount Fitzwilliam – The new “People’s Government” will reflect the diversity of the Bahamian people and the talents found throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and will include a spirit of community service, volunteerism and community awareness which are major themes of the new government.

The new “People’s Government” will also search out the commonwealth of talent that the People’s Government will call to service, including the rich pool of talent of the Bahamian Diaspora around the world and includes a promise to the Bahamian people “to provide a government them with a government of integrity.”

The new “People’s Government” is also expected to usher in a “new era of transformation.”

“I will call on Bahamians from all walks of life and experiences to help chart and steer our Bahamas in a new direction,” Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Hubert Alexander Minnis said Monday.

Prime Minister Minnis said the new “People’s Government” will also include an invitation to “a new generation of young people to serve on Government Boards and Councils as this will bring new energy, new ideas and a new perspective.”

“The Bahamian people will be served in government by a dynamic and diverse team, blending experience and new faces and talent,” Prime Minister Minnis continued, “this diversity includes Members of Parliament representing Grand Bahama and the Family Islands.

“To help inspire and harness the energies of the Bahamian people, I was determined to cause the appointments of a diversity of talent and experiences.”

Addressing Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Members of Parliament and their families and friends attending the Swearing-In Ceremony at Government House for Minister of Public Works, the Hon. Desmond Bannister, Parliamentary Secretaries, and Senators, Prime Minister Minnis said good and open government demands transparency and accountability and “us being responsible for our actions.”

“Accordingly, I will hold you to the highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of your public duties.”

Prime Minister Minnis said his new “People’s Government” recognizes the many challenges ahead, as well as the many opportunities to harness the enormous potential of The Bahamas as a country and its people.

“To make this truly a People’s Government, we must always do the hard work of democracy in a spirit of unity. I repeat the charge I recently made to our colleagues: Fidelity to the Oath you swore today is essential in order to provide the Bahamian people with a government of integrity.

“Accordingly, I will hold you to the highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of your public duties. I look forward to working with you in a spirit of collegiality and collaboration. Let us now look to this new day with confidence and courage as we embark on a new era of transformation,” Prime Minister Minnis added.