Prince Hall Officers Bring a New Breed of Masonry to the Bahamas

What in the hell is dis?

Nassau, Bahamas — The principles that Prince Hall Lodge was founded on are brotherly love, relief and truth but the new breed of masons at Prince Hall Lodge have turned those principles into brotherly use, juice and douche.

The standards of the lodge have sank to a new depth and the once upstanding young men who came into the order have turned into desperate, money-grabbing animals who come in the order seeking all that they can devour.

Grand Sessions are coming up in June to select a new Grand Master and all hell is breaking loose in the “secret order”. “Secret meetings” here and there and “secret deals” everywhere. We at BP heard that the two next in line for Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master have BIGGED UP two new sisters in the order so they are no longer eligible to be worthy contenders. See what does happen when these “secret juicings” take place? “Secret juicings” bring public results. What manner of men are these?

Once again there are rumors of a giant, dark horse who will come out of its “secret place”, take over as Grand Master and get the order back in order. Because of systems that have been put in place by the now silent Carl Culmer, not every and anybody can run for the title of Grand Master during an election. It takes a special type of “dark horse” to pull off such a “secret plan”. BP is watching closer than they think!

BP’s agent in Royal Eagle Lodge is worried about what the young brothers are being taught by senior men like Uriel “Da Tief” Johnson and his “secret clan” who actually lecture the young brothers before their initiations. There seems to be a “secret trend” of Royal Eagle Brothers having relationships with women for money. What in da hell is dis up in da lodge!!??

We know Uriel “Da Tief” Johnson is ace on dat and has shown the world that he loves dem, bigs dem up, robs dem and leaves dem when the money well dries up. So he is now teaching the brothers what to do with women for money. Some say Da Tief has special tricks called, “Da Panty Dropper”, “Big Dem up Daddy” and “Da Loose Goat” which is a Masonic trick to get them to free up all their money.

We know Da Tief is the former Worshipful Master of Royal Eagle Lodge who came about after the Love Sick Worshipful Master, Juan Bethell. Listen to this revelation. We hope you readers are ready. We just told you what Da Tief is teaching the young brothers to do. We told you he came after the Love Sick one to sit as Worshipful Master. There is a dark horse who will come next and his name is Senior Warden, Garrick Scott. Quiet and dangerous is he as he makes his moves unnoticed. When everyone busy watching Da Tief make his bold moves, Senior Warden Slick Man Scott is in stealth mode.

The day dreaming Worshipful Master Earl Francis, who sits now in the seat is not important. According to BP’s agent, he will not last for the two years he has been voted in to work. This non-performer has no more interest than the man in the moon in running the lodge but is known to be a Big Juicer, trained by his best friend, Da Tief. Such a Big Juicer is he that he actually was juicing two sisters in the same chapter and walking around with a big cigar in his mouth like a boss. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!!

This is the crew that was voted in while good men have to drop out of lodge or made to watch from the sidelines as the place goes to a hot, Masonic hell. What are the heads of the organization doing about this or are they too busy campaigning for the title of Grand Master to know what is happening to Royal Eagle Lodge. What they need to know is that the brothers, cast aside like waste, have their own “secret plot” in place. So this Grand Session is going to be smoking hot.

Last year, BP gave you an expose of sex slavery on a property in south west New Providence. This is how the story of sex for money goes in Royal Eagle Lodge. Some years ago, the Love Sick Worshipful Master, Juan Bethell, decided to make a run for some money and linked up with the Greek Alexandria Mallis for “business” purposes by day and other things at night. There the sex for money began. When his girl, the biggetty journalist, Tonya Cartwright, ran hot on him and told him to give up the “white horse” he tried to pass the Greek Mallis on to Da Tief, but, as usual, Da Tief when he saw the money train and tried to carry all in one haul. He was soon expelled from the Mallis Sex Farm and put out to pasture, not just for being elbow deep in da cookie jar but also for trying to big up someone at the same time.

The Love Sick Worshipful Master Bethell was under lots of pressure from Biggetty Journalist Cartwright who started to threaten him to clear out his ties with the Greek Mallis or suffer the consequences. The Love Sick Worshipful Master Bethell had to choose and as we all know, “the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice”. Luck was a lady to him when the Greek Mallis realized she was not getting any more “bang for her buck” and she “screwed” him, not under the sheets this time, but in whatever business they were doing in the daylight.

Upon his exit from the Mallis Sex Farm, the Love Sick Bethell passed the baton on to the silent Royal Eagle Senior Warden Slick Man Scott, who took it and broke off running to the farm, arriving out of breath but ready to do the job for money as he is broke like the rest of them. He suited up, took up where the others left off – whaling on da Greek Mallis for a money. Didn’t they ever learn that “whatever’s done in the dark, eventually comes into the light”? The Senior Warden is a newly wed and the Greek Mallis who pretends to be a sympathetic philanthropist aiding poor black orphans is content with threatening the happy homes of married men and paying for the laying. She must have a heightened libido. So NOW we see why she has so much say in Royal Eagle Lodge affairs. She has the Worshipful Masters under control with money which she dishes out (among other things) at her dining room table where Royal Eagle Lodge decisions are made. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!

Next we ga tell you WHY the spoiled brat, biggetty journalist had the run in with the Greek Mallis. Readers are going to wet their pants laughing when they find out who is the hottest tamale and which one of them the love sick worshipful master will not test. Boy how you acking? What in da hell is dis we hearing? Instead of being so biggetty with her love sick boyfriend, the spoil brat journalist needs to talk the story of the pretty boy lawyer who is always on her trail. Yes! We know that too!!

Royal Eagle is off course completely!! But these are the people who the organization’s heads would rather see holding office instead of decent, law abiding brothers who want to work towards building their lodge instead of dragging it down in the gutters of brokeness and desperateness. Imagine this once historic lodge where elite, professional men walked the square, is now being used as a training ground to cheat women out of money using sex as a tool. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!

We report! Yinna decide! So mote it be!