Prison Officer got promoted but was arrested in the US for Grand Theft! Today he is GM of BAIC and General For PM Minnis in Killarney…


Money goes missing on Southern Recreation Park – PARK STILL NOT COMPLETE – POLICE NEVER INVITED TO INVESTIGATE!!! September 16th COMING!!!

BAIC GM was arrested for Grand Theft in the US! How did Rocky Nesbitt become a Prison Officer in the country?
Rocky Nesbitt – BAIC GM

NASSAU| Bahamas Press has a duty to protect the purse of the Bahamas and today we zoom in on Rocky Nesbitt, General Manager of the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation (BAIC). This story has been a long time coming!

We asked the question before how a lowly prison officer ended up becoming the Project Manager for the restoration of the Southern Recreation Grounds, ordered abruptly to vacate the Office of The Prime Minister, sent back to the Prison without notice, and then appointed General Manager of a major Corporation in the country.

Nesbitt was removed from the OPM after funds vanished from the Southern Recreation Grounds project – which to this day remains incomplete.

That project stalled, the money vanished in the thousands, workers and contractors were unpaid – here is yet another incident now being swept under the big ‘dutty’ red rug!

Nesbitt, you should know, resigned from Education in 2007 and moved to the USA. There he studied and then got into trouble back in 2009 when he was arrested in the US. He was charged with Grand Theft in the 3rd degree, BP’s US federal sources confirmed.

The Bahamas Corrections Officer then moved back home to Jamaica where he taught in a school there. Little is known as to what really happened after that but Nesbitt finally returned to the Bahamas.  Before you know it, he was hanging around Minnis in the Killarney Constituency. 

How Nesbitt got working for the Prison Service is still unclear but in 2017 he was promoted to a Corporal at the Department of Corrections after being naturalized in the Bahamas. 

BP is asking the public to open the books on this general of Hubert Alexander Minnis.

How did Nesbitt get hired as a Correctional Officer? We know background checks are required for that job and he has a criminal record in the United States of America.

When last did he travel to the US?

How did he get hired and promoted to Corporal in 2017?

Why was he abruptly removed as Project Manager for the restoration of the Southern Recreation Grounds after a huge sum of funds were missing inside that division of the Over-the-Hill project which we hear nothing about these days?

And, with all this now in the full files of Bahamas Press, we just wonder – WHO KNEW ALL THIS now that this is coming to our attention?

Nesbitt is the General Manager of BAIC and you mean to tell us ONLY BP knows all this?

We will report more soon! Stay Tuned!

We report yinner decide!