PS Creswell Sturrup sent home while Desmond Bannister recovers in hospital! Minnis Cabinet sits on day one!


The rank victimization of the FNM continues…RIGHT UP TO THE HALLS OF THE CABINET ROOM!~

The newly appointed Cabinet of the Bahamas.

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking news coming out of the first Minnis Government Cabinet Meeting confirms that the administration has sent PS Creswell Sturrup home, telling him to take all of his accrued vacation then commence retirement.

Decent PS Sturrup, who is a government employee of longstanding with an impeccable unimpeachable, unblemished public service record, was filling in as Cabinet Secretary while Wendell Major was on vacation.

The new Secretary to the Cabinet is Camille Johnson, former PS in the Ministry of the Environment and Housing.

Meanwhile, the supposedly Minister of Works, Desmond Bannister, is lying ill in hospital in the United States. Not one word on his condition has been issued from the Government and everyone is pretending that Bannister’s absence at the swearing in events was just a coincidence.

The newly elected Carmichael MP has been in hospital since Saturday. He was announced to be the new Minister for Works but he fell ill before he could be sworn into office.

We report yinner decide!