Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) Addresses Concerns About National Emergency Medical Services

New Ambulance Fleet- FILE PHOTO.

STATEMENT| The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) is committed to providing quality emergency medical services throughout New Providence and the Family Islands. In response to recent inquiries
and concerns, we want to reassure the public that we are effectively meeting current demands.

Additionally, to enhance our capabilities during peak demand periods, the PHA has established partnerships with private entities. These collaborations are designed to augment our resources with additional emergency transport options, thereby enhancing our response efficiency during critical times.

We are pleased to outline critical advancements and ongoing initiatives within the National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS):

● Fleet Management Program: Recognizing the importance of maintaining our emergency vehicles in prime condition, the PHA has implemented a robust Fleet Management Program. This initiative focuses on the systematic repair and maintenance of ambulances, ensuring that our fleet remains reliable and ready for any emergency. It also includes repairing additional ambulances to support our current
operational fleet.

● Ongoing Vehicle Procurement: The PHA remains steadfast in its commitment to continuously upgrade and expand our NEMS fleet. The prioritization of new emergency vehicle procurement is an ongoing process, particularly aimed at enhancing th capabilities of our services in both New Providence and the Family Islands.

These steps are part of our broader strategy to ensure that residents and visitors to The Bahamas have access to swift and efficient emergency medical care when they need it most.

The PHA is dedicated to ongoing improvements and transparency in our operations as we strive to meet and exceed the healthcare needs of our community.