Public money paid to rent two floors in Centreville House still unoccupied by Social Services

Centreville House


Nassau, Bahamas — Just when you thought the Government wasted limited public funds by buying shares into the Brewery out west, and was shelling another $750,000 pa to rent the new treasury department complex on East Street North, BP has discovered more wastage by the FNM government.

While for four years Papa’s government placed a freeze on hiring and stopped promotions and pay increases in the public service, we have learnt more public money was being dished out by the Government on rental buildings.

has learnt the department of Social Services, headed by Minister Dion Foulkes, has been paying rentals to a building his ministry does not use.

Sources in the position to know in the OPM tell us, “For some time now the department of Social Services had paid rent for two floors in Centerville House. We don’t know why the funds earmarked in the thousands are being paid to the owners of the building, but we know for a fact Social Services has not occupied the spaces. And there is more.

In our investigations BP has learnt spaces for the building are being sold at Bahamas Reality in amounts of $12,165 per month for 4,866 square feet commercial spaces.

BP in fact checking the data confirmed the rental is being paid by the Public Treasury Department in cheques issued to receivers of the complex. WHAT IS THIS? How could the Social Service Department find money to pay rent on spaces it refuses to occupy, but at the same time cannot find food stamps for the poor?

BP wonders what does the Minister have to say about his gross incompetence and naked squandering of public money? Why would a Government Ministry pay rental on a building it clearly does not occupy?

“These and other decisions by the FNM government goes clearly against the grain to the lack of public transparency and accountability! This incident is just as bad as that expensive lavatory out west. How could a small public bathroom on Saunders Beach cost over $270,000? Hubert Ingraham has lead the most Corrupt/Scandalous Government in modern times and a Royal Commission of Inquiry must give an account to the people,” a former Bar Council Member told BP.

“Not one member of the Press possesses the testicular fortitude or like mama would say, ‘da gumption’ to call for the Freedom of Information Act, to examine Government Corrupt Squandering practices. It is like the pit-bull took they tongue and left them toothless. Boy they don’t have no Damn shame eh BP? You see how only BP breaking news and exposing the crooks?” another source said.

The bigger question however is this, who is the FNM owns Centreville House and why is the FNM government helping them out? You whistle and we ‘ga’ point. We wonder how is it the Toilet Paper didn’t pick up this piece a news and the complex is RIGHT IN ITS BACK YARD? Thing that make ya go hmmmmmm!

Here is a classic case where the opposition PLP in a fact-finding mission, through the Public Account Committee, should begin to dig.

Reporting from the 5th floor of Centreville House…We report, YINNER DECIDE!


  1. How could they be taxing the Bahamian people so hard, then taking the monies and squandering it on buildings they are not even using? They have too be either stupid or crooked, either which way they don’t need conducting business on behalf of the Bahamian people.

  2. BP this is happening while the poor depressed worker at Social Services are left working in substandard conditions..Shame on them!!!

    • This happening while they tell public servants there is no money to do nothing, but build roads!


      • this bull goes on all over the Bahamas,you should check out the island where i live, there are houses owned by the govement and do they use them to house persons that they bring in to work ? oh hell no they prefer to pay rent!!!! and here on this island rent range from &1500.00 to &2500.00 per month

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