Public Officer refuses to take down Ingraham photo and replace with Christie


Fogging exercise by the DEHS. FILE PHOTO...

Money vanished under FNM from DEHS and report yet to go public

Nassau, Bahamas — A public officer in the Department of Environmental Health is refusing to have the photo of Hubert Ingraham and the former minister removed from the Environmental Health building on Farrington Road, just a stone’s throw away from the PLP headquarters.

Sources in that department tell us that the leaders in the department are hardcore FNM supporters, one of whom still has the red pom-pom on the government car.

BP was told a directive was given earlier this week to have the new minister and Prime Minister Christie’s photos place on the walls of the department. However, the public officer was overheard saying, “Not my papa! They will have to take that down themselves!”

Up to Friday, weeks after the General Election, Hubert Ingraham’s big photo was still hanging on the wall, along with the former minister’s, with the FNM goons in the ministry guarding it like Buckingham Palace.

The move to keep the pictures could signal a return of Hubert Ingraham any day… But this is not all to our story.

You would remember back in March 2010, Bahamas Press broke a major story which got little attention.

In fact, the details were never investigated by the corrupt GONE FNM government and should now be looked into closely.

Sources deep in the department informed BP how cheques were paid to companies including those connected to Hiram Kelly in the amount of $210,000, Clement Chea in the amount of $377,000 and Dean’s Cleaning in the amount of $580,000 but to the surprise of accountants in the OPM, much of the work paid for by taxpayer’s money was never done.

We also know there were no tenders for the jobs and the finance department does not know what these contractors did for the public.


“Much of the money was also paid out by the department to ghost workers who never showed up to work on verges and parks. Where the money has all gone is now what we are mandated to find out,” the source in the OPM told BP back in March 2010.

Officers from Ministry of Finance converged on Farrington Road to commence a detailed investigation on the corruption and the squandering of public money in the department. By as usual in the FNM GONE administration, nothing was ever reported to the public on the findings.

BP is once again calling on the powers that be to call an investigation into this backside rape of the public money…SMOKE DEM OUT, ROLL HEADS, SEND SOMEONE TO JAIL and AX THOSE IN THE DEPARTMENT WHO TOOK PART IN THE BIG THIEVERY FROM THE TREASURY!

We report Yinner decide.