Publisher of the Mighty Punch, Ivan Johnson, Arrested?

Bahamas, Nassau, Supreme Court building

Nassau, BahamasIvan Johnson, Editor and Publisher of the MIGHTY PUNCH, has been arrested for false declaration at the United States Boarder Patrol division at LPIA.

The incident happened on Monday as the powerful tabloid editor was making his exit out the country. Sources in the position to know tell us, the authorities were tipped-off of Johnson’s travels by informants in the country.

Johnson had declared he was carrying less than $10,000 on his person. However, he along with two other passengers, exceeded that amount.  Police dockets revealed, the associates travelling with Johnson declared they were given the money.

The group was immediately arrested by Bahamian law enforcement officers and transported to the Western police station for processing.

According to our intel, the funds were immediately confiscated and will not be returned.

According to BP’s resident attorney, “There will be an automatic forfeiture of the funds with no chance of it being returned back. There is no jail time for the charge, although they could imprison a person up to 5 years. Although members of the Ingraham Government would love to see that happen to the powerful publisher, they would be fool to do that to a member of the media. But you cannot put nothing pass them BP.”

Johnson will be formally charged before a magistrate tomorrow.


  1. So What, get up dust off your shirt and start will be just fine. thats man kind for you, very fickle and ready to pass judgement.ignore it all face your judgement and carry on. my thoughts are with you, you are a good guy.. bless up!!!

  2. People are being hard on Mr. Johnson because of one simple fact… HE WHO CONDEMS EVERYONE, has broken the law. He has destroyed many families in this country, does not hesitate in printing stories when certain people make mistakes. I am glad this happened with the United States agency because I am mot sure that our authorities would have done anything to him had he broken our laws alone. Now he knows how it feels to have the negative spotlight placed on him.

  3. Why is everyone being so hard on Ivan Johnson? Bahamians the Punch is the only Paper willing to tell us the truth…unadulterated truth! If it aint for the Punch we would all still be clueless as to what these politicians and preachers doin in the closet. Besides, that law needs to be changed because the cost of living has gone up, $10,000 aint no money to spend in the states.l

  4. When I first saw the heading,”Publisher of the Mighty Punch, Ivan Johnson, Arrested. My first thought was that he had gotten arrested for having sex with an under age girl , that’s really his specialty there, any were form 12yrs to 16 yrs nothing older.

  5. look like the u.s punch the sh@^ out of ivan this time. i remember when he put a turban on perry c. head in ’02’ plenty more coming for them wutless media out there.

  6. Hmm. it’s not like he was stealing from the government like bill ducker Wendal Jones. Big deal. Most of your are probably jealous because you don’t have near $10,000 in the bank

    • this man make most of is money on gussip and people business now he time come and you talking about we jealous plz don’t go there! you will only hurt your self. let ivan get a piece of his own

  7. Ok Headline in the Punch the owner of the punch was caught trying to enter the USA with an undisclosed amount of cash this person lives up the street round the cornor go through the red light some times its green but thats the same light I talking about. En thats the discreption they use to use when discribing persons and not wanting to call their names.

  8. He ain’t above the law,why not jail his backside after all of the filth he publish and know it ain’t truth.He committed a crime!

  9. This is one of the reasons I LOVE the USA, they enforces their laws…You will comply…you must comply…

    Ivan has sown some very bad seeds towards Church ministers in this country, and I think it is HARVEST time for him.

    I know Bishop Ellis is still putting in a GOOD pray for you Ivan.

  10. Well MUDO!

    I trust our Foreign Minister would “bat” for Ivan as US officials did for their US citizens.

    I am applying for GREEN CARD, so I can get better treatment in this country.

    FREEPORT – All charges against four American fishermen arrested last month on suspicion of illegally fishing in Bahamian waters have been dropped.
    The Attorney General entered a noble prosequi application in the matter against Capt Robert Kane, William Ficher, Daniel Dreyfus, and Shawn Miskura in the Freeport Magistrates Court.
    The men were charged with three counts of possession of long line apparatus on a fishing vessel and three counts of illegal foreign fishing. They were each granted $10,000 bail.
    On May 25, Bahamian authorities discovered a long-line fishing vessel in waters near the Little Bahama Bank. The four men claimed that their vessel had broken down.
    Authorities searched the vessel and reportedly discovered over 5,000 pounds of fish, a shotgun and ammunition onboard.
    The men were arrested and their vessel was towed into Grand Bahama at Bradford Marine. The Department of Marine Resources seized the fish and impounded the vessel, the Janice Ann.
    During Monday’s proceedings, Magistrate Debbye Ferguson ordered the return of the vessel to Capt Kane. She also said that the men are able to remain onboard the vessel until repairs can be completed.
    The $40,000 cash bail was also ordered to be returned to the men.
    Attorney Erica Kemp of the Attorney General’s Office appeared on behalf of the Attorney General Office.

  11. He better pray they only confiscated the monies and he doesn’t have to serve the time. Don’t let one of those petty politician who didn’t like what he wrote about them intervene with the court’s decision, he could very well find himself behind bars. Around here worst than Rwanda.

  12. BP. I can never understand why Bahamians are always getting caught making false declarations to US Customs. It is not illegal to have more than $10,000 in cash or financial instruments (Cheques, drafts, etc) when entering the United States. It is however illegal to not declare them or make a false customs declaration.I am sure that any Bahamian who comes upon these funds legally will have no problem declaring them and stating what they will be used for in the US.But, i also remember the laws of Karma. What goes around comes around!!

  13. The media people including YOU, are not above the law, if you break the law you will be dealt with plain and simply. LET HIM PUBLISH HIS WAY OUT OF THIS ONE, you can’t do wrong and get by, one day the bottom of the bucket will drop out!!

    • more than likely he will get his money back so dont get so happy. B.P. we gat another bear foot bandit situation. American fishermen release by the AG office, what the f***

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