Questions only PAPA, C&W and the FNM can answer


Hubert Ingraham and his backside rape decision to sell 51% of BTC is Careless and WUTLESS!

CLICK to read judgments handed down against Cable and Wireless for redundancies

Nassau, Bahamas — There is a rule about governments, which is to look after the interest of its people. The sale of BTC to a foreign telephone company proves Hubert Ingraham and the FNM have no heart or interest for the Bahamian people.

Firstly in our mind they have committed ‘backside rape’ against the people by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with a company with a track record of throwing human beings under the bus. Cable and Wireless is better known as ‘Careless and Wutless’ throughout the region and in our mind is doomed to fail the Bahamian people.

But despite this, the Ingraham government must answer the questions; who in the Free National Movement is set to collect a finder’s fee in the sale to Cable and Wireless?

They must also answer why is the company set to collect a Management Fee if C&W are indeed will be the new owners and will acquired 51% of the telephone company? Why they need to be paid a management fee for something, which will become there own?

The government of Hubert Ingraham must also answer the people on how did Cable and Wireless get to the table for the sale of BTC, when they never entered the actual bidding process. WILL PAPA ANSWER? WILL ANY OF THE SPINELESS MEN INSIDE THE FNM ANSWER? WILL ANYONE LEADING THE PRIVATIZATION EXERCISE ANSWER? WILL CABLE AND WIRELESS ANSWER?



  1. BP, here are two more questions to add to that list:

    1. Why is the government in a rush to sell a cash cow? ZNS, BahamasAir and Water Sewerage has been sucking money out of the treaury for decades. Why not sell/privatize those non performing corporations first?

    If Papa can privitize just Water & Sewerage and BahamasAir, he will be saving the country tens of millions of dollars a year.

    The priority should be to get ZNS, BahamasAir and Water & Sewerage off the books first. Should it not?

    2)Since the FNM took over, were there other bidders? what was their offer? and why were they rejected?

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