Quotable Caribbean: Dr. Keith Rowley, Dr. Kenny Anthony, David Evans, and more…

Dr. Keith Rowley
Dr. Keith Rowley

“While the country has handed the responsibility of Government to the PNM (People’s National Movement), it is not ‘we versus them’. We are all in this together. And we need to respect, empathise and feel for each other … tonight is the wedding, the feast, the fête. But it is the living that matters. Let us live together in harmony.” – Dr. Keith Rowley, Prime Minister, Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad Express)

“This election is another triumph for democracy in our region. From all indications, it was a highly competitive campaign but largely peaceful. Undoubtedly, the road ahead will be difficult and complex. Trinidad and Tobago, like other countries in the region, has to confront the emerging economic realities especially with the declining fortunes in earnings from the energy sector.” – Dr. Kenny Anthony, Prime Minister, St. Lucia (Trinidad and Tobago Newsday)

“In some cases you will see us approaching things in (a) different and more efficient manner, which would require much less staff than we have at the moment.” – David Evans, Chief Executive Officer, LIAT (Antigua Observer)

“I want him to know what he did was wrong, and that in my opinion he doesn’t deserve to ever have a badge and a gun again, because he doesn’t know how to handle that responsibility effectively. He doesn’t deserve to have the same title as officers who are doing good work and are really helping keep the rest of the city safe.” – James Blake, Retired Tennis Star (New York Daily News)

“For Cayman to flourish it must have modern infrastructure that helps its people and businesses.” – Alden McLaughlin, Premier, Cayman Islands (Caribbean Journal)

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