Radio Talk Show Host losing it AGAIN!



Retired for the night after hearing Perry Christie rattle pretty words on a PLP platform last Thursday evening, I listened to the rebroadcast of a talk show which engaged a discussion with two social workers discussing child custody and their protection in the home and in the society.

I enjoyed the discussion as finally I said to myself someone has decided to find a voice for the innocent children being molested all over this country. My thoughts being guided to a particular young girl at the once prestigious Queen’s College School, where the Minister of Education’s son raped her and walked away from the crime “scott-free”.

However, my attentiveness to the programme was jolted, when suddenly the host of the show began ranting about Bahamians websites who, “post sexual acts of young children” and defame and malign the names of public persons online. The host had serious concerns about this and went on a tirade of venomous remarks against such new media outlets.

The host vented and ranted with such passion about these websites, until one of the social workers joined in the attack and suggested that persons who engage in such acts have violated the laws of the country, AND have destroyed the young children presented in such clips.

Bahamas Press [although our website name was never  mentioned] is quite aware that some persons, particularly many persons who are members of the media in this town [because their ‘schizophrenia disorder’ prohibits their practise in any other profession] has grave difficulty reading truth.


But yes, Bahamas Press did publish a video clip with two minors from the Doris Johnson High School having sex in a Bahamian classroom.

We published the footage, hiding the identity of the minors, to avoid them being exposed. However, our editorial decision was made after the Minister of Education’s office [ just days after Bethel’s now 18 year old son had raped a 13 year old girl on the campus of  Queen’s College] denied such acts of rape occurring at schools throughout The Bahamas!

An officer of the law [right here in The Bahamas] sent to this website several video clips of children in school uniform, here in The Bahamas having sex. And to our surprise we were SHOCKED! Parents in this country, would withdraw their kids from public and private schools here in country if they saw what we had seen.

Bahamas Press however is amazed that the host of the show found our content disturbing, but equally could not see the cover up by the Minister of National Security, Acting Commissioner of Police, the Principal at Queen’s College and the panel of persons [which also included the wives of Zhivargo ‘Crybaby Sour’ Laing and Tommy Turnquest] as equally disgusting. NOT A SINGLE WORD WAS MENTIONED ON THE SHOW ABOUT THE QUEEN’S COLLEGE RAPE COVER UP, WHICH OCCURRED THIS PAST SPRING.

Perhaps the host and his social workers should read again the laws, which are applied to persons who cover up such incidents of rape of a minor. The law is clear against those who cover up RAPE INCIDENTS. THEY ARE AS GUILTY AS THE RAPIST!

So let it be made clear, Bahamas Press made our point against the COVER UP and CORRUPTION in our system! And like the hundreds of little young girls at Queen’s College, we ask, where is the protection by that administration?

The next time that host of that show decides to attack websites in this country “Legitimate Ones” someone please tell him gather his facts and “TAKE HIS PILLS” before he gets readmitted to Sandilands for hyperventilating over nothing.


  1. Media you are something else. If that inquiring mind really wants to know, it would solve your riddle….LOL

  2. One would think persons wth inquiring minds, have minds that function and think for themselves. OK, let help you here without calling names.

    1) Only three stations carried the PLP rally on radio (click and listen to the ad again

    2) Out of the three radio stations ONLY two have daily talk shows.

    3) And out of the two stations only ONE had its show replayed into early Friday morning.



  3. Who is the talk show host Am very curious.You if you want can publish the initials

  4. what websites did they mention?
    did they mention a crazy general?
    cause that would be awesome to know i got them vexed 😀

  5. That just goes to show how one sided our country is. They want talk about laws when it suits their purposes, but when these children are being taken advantage, they know just how to turn a blind eye. What a bunch of hypocrites! Parents trust their kids to go to school for an education in a safe environment, not to be molested and rape on these school campuses.

  6. BP, who that is tripping out like that? It amazes me how the press in this country constantly report with blinders on.

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