Randy Fraser trial to be delayed until Monday? NO JUSTICE!


What sermon will RANDY FRASER preach this Sunday? How to have sex in Chruch?

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms the RANDY FRASER trial has been delayed again, this time to this coming Monday.

Fraser was expected to know his fate in a Magistrate Court Friday morning.

“No explanation is being given for the delay,” confirmed the well placed source in the courts.

The Randy Fraser trail amidst a cloud of evidence; from semen on the church rug, to back shots on the altar, all mixed with evidence given by the victim should deliver justice in the case. Yet, after 6 solid years a conclusion to the matter has yet to be reached.

Children in the Bahamas cannot get JUSTICE! WE CRY SHAME!


  1. My my my..delayed yet again, I am so shocked! Fraser has no shame, his wife aint gat no shame and everyone involved in this case seem to be stuck in the twilight zone. How could one case take so long to come to a conclusion. This country is so messed up it makes you wonder if anything can turn this place around. You may run but you can’t hide, one day all ya deeds will catch up with you.

  2. We want his lawyers including Mr. Frazer to know that like we said with ya boy from Freeport who got life in prison, “YOU CAN DELAY JUSTICE ALL YOU WANT, BUT YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THE FINAL JUDGEMENT!”
    Delay on I say, delay on. In the end of this hide and seek foolishness, no powerhouse, good minister MP friend or guidance counsellor can dodge this one.

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