Raped Children of Eight Mile Rock High Has a Voice in Parliament today


dscf9447Click to listen to Glenys Hanna-Martin fight for children at EMR High in the Parliament today, as she calls for a select committee to investigate pedophile crimes at that school.

For almost two years, the Ministry of Education, the Department of Social Services and The Royal Bahamas Police Force knew that Andre Birbal and his clandestine pedophile lovers had sexually molested scores of boys at the Eight Mile Rock High School.

The Giant Slayer’ and Member of Parliament for Englerston, Glenys Hanna-Martin, brought a committee request once again to he House today. Martin wants CRIMES that WERE COMMITTED at the school to be investigated. The Speaker had earlier blocked the motion. The FNM government had blocked the motion two weeks ago, and the Minister of Education has yet to come to speak to Parliament on the matter. WHAT WUTLESS CARETAKERS OF CHILDREN HERE IN THE BAHAMAS!

Now it’s time to know what had happened to our children at Eight Mile Rock High School. Now is the time for the people to hear the children’s horror story. Now is the time to know where the cover up began. And now is the time to hear what CARL BETHEL has not done to protect the children from the HORNY RAPIST and PEDOPHILES WORKING IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS!


Like a shaken sailor, Carl ‘Undernorished’ Bethel was also in the Parliament today pointing fingers. Today was the first time since the incident broke Minister Bethel had not said a SINGLE WORD in the House. What a shame! Additionally he told Parliament that his ministry had NO information on the matter. But was able to attain papers on incidents happening at the EMR High School from Grand Bahama. We wonder if the minister remembers the announcements by his Acting Director Lionel Sands who came on ZNS to repeat the words of WUTLESS reporters at ZNS? Sands told the public that the incidents were not true that, “THERE WAS NO CASE!” What another DAMN LIE! The PTA president Troy Gary had reported the matter to the police and the Ministry of Education, but nothing was DONE! That is the facts on this matter. But in fairness to Minister Bethel we have also recorded his OVERDUE communication to the Parliament today! RESIGN BETHEL, RESIGN!!!!!!!!!

Carl Bethel and his patchup speach to Parliament today. Bethel is same man who allowed Andre Birbal to escape.


  1. Russell: I can totally agree with your last statement as long as you will apply it equally to both sides. Unfortunately I have long been concerned that some, on both sides, do not deal with present issues when they rise to speak. They keep harping back to the election rhetoric. Just more of the same Blame and Shame that we are all so tired of. It seems so childish and non-productive. These bills, that are being brought to Parliament, especially those that are just “housekeeping bills” can be disposed of quickly and efficiently if everyone who must speak just speaks to the Bill in question. And that type of Bill does not need to be spoken to by everyone. I know that the newer members want a time to “show off” their stuff and so one back bencher on each side should speak to the bill, just to get their feet wet so to speak. And each must be made to understand that they speak only to the merits of the Bill or Ammendment. In this way maybe we can get to some of the real issues confronting the country today and co-operate in the solution. Keep election rhetoric out of the House and Senate and save it for the Conventions and Rally’s! They will be here soon enough.

  2. @Joe Blow Thanks for agreeing with me Joe vbut I have pointed out that many in Cabinet do not agree with all the venturesb that the Govt pursue.As far as Mother Pratts son is concerned that matter is b4 the Courts and will be dealt with shortly.In my estimation no one is above the law and if punishment is required then let the chips fall where they may.Mother Pratt has been wounded by that case and it has surely compromised her position to be Deputy Leader of the PLP.Yes I chastise the Govt. on many issues bcos they are in charge and comparing them with the formwer Govt.is nonsense as they must now show differences in management style.The PLP was punished for their intransgressions and the FNM Govt. should not use the shortcomings of the PLP to justify their poor performance.Those in charge now must fulfill the many promises made to the Bahamian electorate in 2007 and excuses is not cutting the mustard.Govern FNM and stop telling us about the past ,you promised us better Govt not more of the same old.

  3. And persons like-only God can judge me- have free reign to point out that this Opposition has been guilty and negligent about the same type of scandals when it was their turn in the power seat. It is interesting how you twisted and turned what was said onto the FNM and and how some in the Cabinet might be disagreeing with the strategies of that Government; making it seem like they have all the culpability while persons like Hanna-Martin are to be applauded. Did you point out how she was negligent at the time in her duties when she did not step up to the plate over the issue of Mother Pratt’s son and the many other untoward things that took place then? The person is just saying that most of our politicians can easily be tarred with the same brush when it comes to their actions. So Russell acknowledge the wrong on both sides and let them know We will require better of those on both sides of the divide.

  4. onlyGodcanjudgeMe :these politicians do not give a shit about anything or anyone except themselves and their political agenda. how come glenys martin -hanna did say shit about all the crime that happened during the plp reign. she did not say anything about mother pratt son raping those girls. this society is full of shit.

    I am certain that in the FNM Cabinet there are many who disagree with some of the strategies employed by the Govt.and might in private disclose their opposition.The day will come when they make known their displeasure therefore they should not be harshly judged.Opposition politicians have free rein to criticise and cause good governance so I say to Hanna Martin continue to perform the job for which you are being paid despite the detractors.The Govt must be prepared for a hard time until the nexct Gen.Elect. especially if they are not performing.From what I see the Govt. is on the defense each time they deal with issues.

  5. these politicians do not give a shit about anything or anyone except themselves and their political agenda. how come glenys martin -hanna did say shit about all the crime that happened during the plp reign. she did not say anything about mother pratt son raping those girls. this society is full of shit

  6. Some poliicians just want your vote. But when you ned them they are not available at their office. I heard minister vernae Grant say during her parliamentary speech on wednesday thet there are community programs coming on stream. She said that there are forms at her office in Eight Mile Rock. I am interested in doing something this summer so I went to her office on both Thursday at about 11 a.m and again on Friday after 3 p.m. During both times her office was closed. According to her sign the office was supposed to be opened until 5 p.m. How are her constituents supposed to reach her if no one is left at her office when she is traveling? Politicians in the Bahamas must do better. Only one politician’s office is always open, and that is Qwasi Thompson. Hats off to him!

  7. @Trinity

    I am sending some info to media, and I know he will reveal some
    shocking facts.There are some politician who are just not responsible when entrusted with the job of working for the people.

    A simple phone call to the Police by Ministry of Education officials would have quashed all of this.If the police don’t want you, why should you be around children. When certain powers in the Government call and say I am sending so and so to your institution, as a principal who are you to question the powers that be? Be quiet or be transferred to the Southern Bahamas WITHOUT YOUR FAMLIY.

    This is simply a way of life that has been allowed to fester and grow in the Bahamas.

  8. @call it as I see it
    I don’t understand why this man was allowed to teach, especially if he was not a trained teacher. Aren’t there background checks done to make sure who were exposing our kids to? If he was a member of the police force and was dismissed for some reason, why would he then be hired to teach? I have heard so many stories about Mr Birbal that I am not sure who to believe. All I know is that someone somewhere knows his whereabouts and should turn him in.

  9. It may take a few hours but I will send you all the info that I have.
    The facts are easily verifiable once you ask the right questions and dig in the right places.

  10. @call it as I see it
    Now call it as I see it, PLEASE send us some more details. What happened in Andros. Who all are involved. Send us some picture, names. This is the ONLY WAY these matters are dealt with. It is just how EMRH school got on the spotlight!

    SEND IT TO US PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  11. @Androsian Parent

    I believe I know exactly who you are “Androsian Parent”, as a matter of fact I am a FAMILY MEMBER of one of the three victims who have yet to get some resolution, SMALL WORLD AIN’T IT?? I also know the perpretrator pretty well and have know him for most of his life. I know that the principal was WARNED long before the junkanoo trip about that child molester.

    NOBODY LISTENED! He should have never been allowed on the school permises and should have been charged for impersonating a police officer, Ask the students, he handed out cards with the police logo and his name, this was one of his methods of charm.

    A simple phone call to the Police Department for a reference would have nipped it in the bud! But, he was sent to Andros by a higher political authority who could do no wrong! Remember the higher authority has no vested interest in North Andros High School. Their kids were safe!

    None of the persons who sounded the alarm was making political milage of that matter, as a matter of fact, just like you, we also had a vested interested (FAMILY). We knew what he was capable of and it was just a matter of time!

    If THE SCHOOL had listened to the persons and students who made the complaint, he would have been stopped in his tracks. I am sure the principal remebered one of those meetings. The school should be sued for failure to protect those students!

    I personally heard both of the voice mails, apparently you did not! Check the records, find out who paid his rent at the Coconut Farm!

    I recall the Thanksgiving service where the molestor was introduced to the student body and faculty. The person said “I BROUGHT HIM HERE” It was recorded on video, request to view the video of the 2006 N.A.H.S Thanksgiving Sevice and the truth shall set you straight!
    The man was never a trained teacher, and was FIRED from the Police Force for basically the thing he is now accused of. ASK HIS VICTIMS IN THE SOUTHERN BAHAMAS. He has a colorful history and confidential record with the R.B.P.F. Yet he was given unrestricted, unsupervised acccess to the student body which included after school sessions.

    I HAVE KNOWN HIM FROM A CHILD GROWING UP, I KNOW HIM WELL! I will not trust my pet with him.

    So far the matter has been bounced IN COURT for the last two years and a half years and by the looks of things, he may very well get off!

    BLAME WHOEVER YOU PLEASE, I don’t know about the former candidate, but I knew enough about that molester to be able to say, the warning was given IN AMPLE TIME, the alarm was sounded but many did not heed the call and now chose to blame others for a matter that could have been prevented.

    Sometimes the voice of reason will come from someone who we view as insignificant. The village outcast sees and hears a lot of things the important people are too busy to notice!!

    It is obvious who unleashed that monster among our kids! You need to CHANNEL your anger in that direction!!

  12. @call it as I see it.

    As a parent who has more than a vested interest in what happened in North Andros at the end of 2006 I am, to be honest, more furious with those, like you,and a former candidate for the North Andros seat, who have tried to make political mileage from the terrible situation that we find ourselves in.

    I am also furious at the judicial system which more than 2 years after the event has still not completed the preliminary enquiry into the matters.

    Yes, we would all like to cast blame, but the only person to blame is the perpetrator, not any politician, they did not molest our children.

    I am glad that the select committee has been formed so that steps can be taken to ensure that what happened to our children, will not happen to others.

    I also hope that from this we may yet see a National Sexual Offenders register and that Bahamians will stop cloaking these grown people who they know have a liking for young girls and boys and will begin to speak up more about these matters.

  13. HAI still losesv me asd it is difficult to know what he thinks.When Glennys first pursued this story some on this blog severely criticised her.Members of the Govt closed ranks and refused to have a discussion.Wewll HAI steps forward and tells the Speaker to allow a debate.Vernae Grant who has not supported the EMR school then spoke out against a committee being appointed.I say to the good people of EMR ask Vernae to resiogn as she is a disgrace.Let the chips fall where they may and no attempt by some members of the Govt to thwart an investigation will go unnoticed come the next General Election.I now want the bloggers on this site who could not see further than the tip of their noses to apologise.

  14. @Johnny Tucker

    I am advocating that students in ANDROS and E.M.R
    receive the same representation. Vincent Peet sat right in the house yesterday acting like all is well at North Andros High.

    To answer your question, No nothing was done and yes, seeing that the P.L.P holds both seats in Andros, it still ain to late to right that wrong. But (like you said)I must be shallow to believe that from Loftus Roker to Vincent Peet, the P.L.P actually gives five cents about Andros.

    As for the airport passengers sitting outside when it rains and when the sun is hot is merely a solution. Having Bahamas Customs, Immigration and the Police in trailers is hardly worth talking about. The only thing missing at the San Andros Airport is a sign sign saying welcome to Trailer Park Airport.

    If that airport is the best Glenys Hanna can do, Andros people must be second class citizens. In three years Peet should be celebrating 10 years as the M.P. Look at Andros and the Berry Islands and show me the progress.

    Before you open your trap to criticize, walk a mile in shoes of those parents and the people of North.

  15. well that may be so but one thing at a time it is quite obvious that this e.m.r mp is out of place so that being established lets get rid of her ,atleast most of the others can make most people believe they are capable but this sarah palin want a be ,she is the pitts.

  16. @JT
    JT, we will see a change when the Bahamian people rise up and demand the change…right now we sell ourselves short for a few dollars or favors and we do not consider the long term effect and the real issues which are now manifesting itself in so many ways in our society. The Prime Minister was right on point this evening in his contribution, there isn’t enough public outrage and outcry on many issues, not just sexual abuse, but we allow our leaders and fellow citizens to get away with too much nonsense, because some how we have disassociated ourselves from the process and believe that it will not affect us….but now the chickens have come home…..the changes come when we the people demand the change to come

  17. Can anyone give me the definition for IDIOT,oh never mind i just saw it in the HOA VERNAE GRANT is she serious, or better yet were the people that voted for her serious, lord help us all if that’s who has to make decisions for us please we need a by-election in grand bahama any D+ student would do better than her she is absolutely clueless.

  18. The way I see it, she’s not the only one lost. Quite a few of the MPs are asleep at the wheel. It goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. In my opinion, the whole system needs to be revamped. These people are not doing the jobs that we pay them to do. The funny thing is that it seems that they are the only people with secure jobs in this dire time, and they aren’t doing the work. Both parties seem to fail when it comes to being consistent with what they were elected to do. When will we see a change in the way we go about our business as Bahamians?

  19. After listening to the MP for Eight Mile Rock in the HOA today, I submit that the Prime Minister needs to hold an election if only for the seat of Eight Mile Rock. What a disgrace, this member is completely clueless, OMG please tell me what planet did she come from? I can not believe that she does not see the importance of dealing with this issue forthwith, What kind of persons are representing our people in the HOA? LOST!!!! THIS WOMAN IS LOST!!!! NOW THE PEOPLE OF EIGHT MILE ROCK NEED TO LOST HER. Ring the bell Mr. Prime Minister, the people tired of this nonsense.

  20. It appears as Mr/Mrs ” call it as I see it” is advocating that if nothing was done about the allegations of molestation during the PLP administration regarding the Andros incident, that the same yard stick or principle should be held now; how shallow.

    It should have been the FNM’S responsibility to push for the truth into the matter and stand up and be counted. NO EXCUSES!!! By the way, if the Andros people could put hell under Glenys feet when the Andros airport was closed I’m sure they would have done the same for the protection of their children. Did the PLP with both Andros seats? just asking.

    On the eight mile rock matter, this scandal ridden story has taken on a life of its own, I have had calls all the way from as far as the UK inquiring about the matter. They’re really wondering what has happened to the protection of children against such fellonious acts as sexual molestation. All I could say is the Government dropped the ball on this on and whoever is liable for dropping the ball, they should be held to account.

    Honestly, I love my country and I am a proud OBAMA fan but I would hate for him to pay an official visit to the Bahamas at this time; it will bilgy his good character. Ingraham needs to fix this shit and remove Carl Bethel and Lionel Sands.

    This matter is further damaging what is left of the Bahamas use to be good name.

    Please Mr Ingraham have a conscience for our children and you grand children. Take a stand.

  21. How quickly Glenys Hanna and others forget. In 2007 a young man who was fired from the Police Force was placed in the NORTH ANDROS HIGH SCHOOL to form a band. This man was placed there by a Cabinet Minister who KNEW of this young man’s past and his reason for being fired from the Police Force.

    Within weeks of being at N.A.H.S this young man who is not a trained teacher was reported to the principal by a PARENT for sending nasty voice mail messages to a 14 year old female student. Nothing was done. A few weeks later this same man went on a school Junkanoo trip to NASSAU with some students and was accused of rape, more than twenty female students came forward. The Crisis Center and Social Services from Nassau invaded North Andros and spent a few hours wasting people time, Alfred Sears the then Minister Of Education ain reach to Andros yet. Melonie Griffin the Minister of Social Services and M.P Vincent Peet said zilch!! These students were taken to the public clinic, where a doctor from NASSAU came and conducted examiniations. This incident went public and Glenys Hanna said zilch! No committee was formed and not a word uttered in the house.

    When this happened parents in Andros was furious, then are still furious because this matter has not yet been resolved. The P.L.P government did nothing AND SWEPT THIS MATTER UNDER THE RUG. What is happening in the house right now ain nothing more than a big POLITICAL show. Glenys needs to know that the children in Eight Mile Rock are no more better than the children in North Andros, they all deserve the same treatment.

    This is nothing more than a attempt to score brownie points, The member for North Andros is squirming in his seat right now and is hoping no one brings this story up. He knows THIS STORY ALL TO WELL.

  22. media :
    Is anyone hearing the MP for Eight Mile Rock Mrs. Grant? Boy this woman is so lost over this issue…
    Where was she when this incident broke? What did she do to investigate children who were molested? Why did she not participate in calling for an investigation into this pedophile matter?
    It is indeed sad to hear this MP not support the need for children to be protected, Particularly children in her community. Why did Grant not join the PTA and parents VOICE FOR JUSTICE on this issue? But today she stands up and argues that the matter needs no investigation? GRANT BAHAMAS PRESS IS ASHAMED OF YOU!
    Bahamas Press/Editor

    Amen, Hallelujah, thank you Jesus someone finally noticed that gal!

  23. @media
    Thank you Media a for this warning a word to the wise is sufficient,we all should take heed.These beast could be sick with AIDS and trying to pass it on.I pray to GOD they that if the beast comes to my house I’m at home and I get the upper hand on him I say no more about that. I ment every word I say.These STINK DOGS out here raping an end needs to be put to them. What is the MInister of National Security saying about this? What advice is the so call Commissioner saying? NOTHING that’s what they saying NOTHING, but the people would soon have their say.

  24. Good day everyone,

    I’m sending this email because of my concern for the number of unofficial RAPE reports i’ve heard about over the last 2 weeks right here in Nassau . The numbers seem to be rising again… and it appears that 1) YOUNG BOYS & 2) Women are being targeted.

    I don’t know how many of you have heard about the report of the young boy that was brutally Attacked & Raped in the bathroom @ McDonalds last week leaving him in the intensive care unit @ PMH, but there has been a report of a 2nd similar attack made within less than a week of a young boy in the restroom @ Marathon Mall, also left in critical condition. THIS CONCERNS ME!!!!!!


    I’ve also heard report from atleast 2 persons I know of persons they know who have been attacked in their homes within the last 2 weeks by assailants attempting to rape them. 1 lady was RAPED while her tied up grandmother was forced to watch… the other fought back (with her child laying next to her) & was injured by the attacker (who got away) but was not RAPED.

    People please be aware of your surroundings. Please ensure that your home is as secure as possible when you go to bed @ nights. Try to be as prepared as possible should you find yourself in one of these threatening positions.

    THese SICK people have lost all respect for life… they will prey on whomever they see fit.

    I’m sending this to you because I want you to be alert… PLS send this to others whom you feel need to be alert.

    Nicole J. Smith

    Ronald Atkinson & Co.

    Marron House
    Virginia & Augusta Streets
    Nassau, Bahamas
    P.O.Box N8326
    Tel: 1 242 325 7355
    Fax: 1 242 326 5602

  25. media :
    Is anyone hearing the MP for Eight Mile Rock Mrs. Grant? Boy this woman is so lost over this issue…
    Where was she when this incident broke? What did she do to investigate children who were molested? Why did she not participate in calling for an investigation into this pedophile matter?
    It is indeed sad to hear this MP not support the need for children to be protected, Particularly children in her community. Why did Grant not join the PTA and parents VOICE FOR JUSTICE on this issue? But today she stands up and argues that the matter needs no investigation? GRANT BAHAMAS PRESS IS ASHAMED OF YOU!
    Bahamas Press/Editor

    Media, I was just sitting here trying to figure out if she for real! Lord I could only imagine what would happen if HI decide to give this woman a Ministry. Heaven help us all with people like this in Parliament. I think she was a blond in another life..LOL.

  26. @media
    Another wutless MP? HAI party has 23 plus one Wutless member.BP I have just tune in to the Parliment channel,and now listering to the great member for Golden gates speak.

  27. Is anyone hearing the MP for Eight Mile Rock Mrs. Grant? Boy this woman is so lost over this issue…

    Where was she when this incident broke? What did she do to investigate children who were molested? Why did she not participate in calling for an investigation into this pedophile matter?

    It is indeed sad to hear this MP not support the need for children to be protected, Particularly children in her community. Why did Grant not join the PTA and parents VOICE FOR JUSTICE on this issue? But today she stands up and argues that the matter needs no investigation? GRANT BAHAMAS PRESS IS ASHAMED OF YOU!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  28. few days ago when Hanna -Martin raised this issue some on this site castigated her and tried to deflect her message.Nothing is as important as getting to the bottom of the issue so that measures can be put in place to prevent this horrible dilemma happening again.Politics must be put aside so that future peodiles would control themselves.I am following Parliament right now and will comment further after lunch.

  29. @Kim Sands
    I agree with you Kim SANDS that Mrs. HANNA MARTIAN should keep this matter to the surface of our minds.Bahamians normally only remembers things for about FOUR to FIVE days and then they forget it something new comes up.Then there mind is on the issue at hand.Thank you MRS Hanna Martin for what you are doing,again thank you.

  30. This my girl! I am glad she is not willing to allow this crime to be swept under the rug and to be erased from people’s memories for good. I want her ro continue until an arrest is made.

  31. The children are our future and when persons who we place in position to take care and teach them.They in turn molest them we are in deep problems.Once again I say GOD help usand hear our pray.

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