Reginald Ferguson will retire this January the Cabinet Office announced today. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham thanked Ferguson for his services to the RBPF!



  1. @Tink we fool
    I agree but we needs to REVAMP the RBPF because there are too much illegal activities coming out of that party. Tommy needs to pack up and go too…. Sick of his weak leadership… Atleast Mudda Pratt used to PRAY he dont doo nothing….

    Thats my 5 cents

  2. nah dat was quick first johnlee nah he brother vanished in one foul swoop truth be told although this is welcome news it will do little to the perception the RBPF is tainted by polotics

  3. The resignation of the Rev Reginald Ferguson Commissioner of Police which I forecast should hopefully go a long way in lifting the moral of the RBPF. It is most unfortunate that Commissioner Ferguson allowed himself to be a part of unwise decesions made by PM Hubert Ingraham and the FNM Government. We wish him well in his retirement and we pray that once freed from the burdeon of office will find it possible to speak truth to power thereby affirming that the FNM Government is in fact clueless as to what to do about the very serious crime problem raging out of control in our Bahamas.

    Bradley B.E.Roberts, Former MP and Cabinet Minister Of The Bahamas.

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