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Nassau, Bahamas — The Progressive Liberal Party brands the statement made by Commissioner Reginald Ferguson as a wicked bold faced lie that there is no evidence to suggest that changes to the Urban Renewal Programme has resulted in an upsurge in crime. The PLP contends that for the Commissioner to say otherwise in the face of escalating serious crimes in “over the hill” areas where the Urban Renewal Programme once flourished is evidence that the Commissioner is clearly out of touch with the extent of crime and the harsh realities facing locals and visitors alike. As the Royal Bahamas Police Force Staff Association has now expressed, “Commissioner Reginald Ferguson’s retirement  from the top post is a step in the right direction…the time has come for new blood to be injected into the Royal Bahamas Police Force”.

Since the PLP’s Convention which highlighted the significance of the Urban Renewal Programme and its effectiveness in combating the crime problem, the FNM and their detractors have sought to discredit the Programme as best they can. However, their efforts have led many to question their motive and Bahamians at all levels know without a doubt that the FNM’s cancellation or ‘watered down’ version of the Programme has led to erosion of the community and the upswing in serious crime incidents.cop_ferguson.jpg

The Tribune of Monday, November 23, 2009, quotes Commissioner Ferguson as saying that “I don’t have anything that indicates that anything that has been done with Urban Renewal is causing any upsurge or any criminal activity in this country. I don’t have any empirical [evidence] that supports that view”.

The PLP produces the following empirical evidence. The table below provides some statistics that are available for the years 2007-2009.

The Hon. Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security disclosed that so far for 2009, serious crimes are up by some 29% over 2008 figures. For the last quarter, some 30 murders were recorded in comparison to 19 for 2008. Mr. Ellison Greenslade, Deputy Commissioner of Police has stated that crime is at an unacceptable level. He further expressed that most of the crimes are occurring in the Southern Policing Division. The significance of this is that in the Southern Division, Urban Renewal was vibrant and alive. During the PLP era, crime levels in this area were dramatically down. No one can doubt that had Urban Renewal not been cancelled or reduced, crime levels would have remained manageable.

bradtommyAs a matter of fact, had Urban Renewal not be watered down, the recent blatant daytime robbery of some 18 tourists at Chippingham would likely not have occurred. The aggressive Police Inspector who was well suited for and headed the Fort Charlotte Urban Renewal Office was moved and placed in the Police Canteen and was replaced by an FNM political appointment with no experience. To add, the business place of the Hon. Frank Watson, former Minister of National Security was also recently robbed in this area. He may attest that had the Urban Renewal Office not been shut down, these incidents would likely never have occurred.

The Commissioner should be the last person who talks about empirical evidence as he has failed from 2007 to produce anything to suggest that his administration has impacted crime. As a matter of fact, he said in an interview with the media that “his Organization” is not producing anymore statistics or otherwise for public consumption. How then can he expect to see any empirical evidence when he is refuses to do his job? The PLP has proven that the FNM made a fatal mistake in cancelling/reducing the Urban Renewal Programme, and until they accept this reality and reintroduce the Programme as it was under the Hon. Perry Christie and the PLP, The Bahamas will continue to experience this crime wave.


  1. this is what happens when politics alignes the civil service this should stop… why should police be mix up in politicks it gives the impression of Bias either way.

    @ Raah you seem to have an axe to grind you seem void of a brain…are you too suffering from stupidity the world health orgamisation is looking into this as there are reports of individuals such as yourself exhibiting symtoms of assinine behaviour occassioned by verbal diarhea go get help read a book go to sleep save yourself this websit is about constructive critisism vat u get gainst roberts vat cause he talkin truth you jealous of a old man like bradley tisk tisk shame on you

    Back to the topic the COP time is up its not all his fault he was given the poison chalice from pappa nah he could even face impeachment scandal and political bias and youll want hang people based on their evidence tainted evidence

  2. The COP allegedly said,according to Bradley Roberts “As a matter of fact, he said in an interview with the media that “his Organization” is not producing anymore statistics or otherwise for public consumption”.

    For this statement alone the COP should go now or I would suggest that lawyer Gomez commence impeachment proceedings.Since this clown took over the Police Force he has cancelled the Police report to the country that took place each January ,now we know why.I suggest that the COP be sent to Siberia as Bahamian Consul.

  3. @Think Bahams
    “The fact remain that Urban renewal was working and with just a little bit of tweeking, ie the bringing on of more stake holders, church, community clubs etc.. Urban renewal would have change the face of our inner city communities”.
    You are correct but I must point out that the stakeholders you mentioned were already involved and the churches in the affected communities opened their churches to include computer centers and places for the old to congregate.Retired Archbishop Drexel Gomez said that Urban renewal was a classic act by Bahamians as it was original and besides Independence was the greatest achievements by the Bahamas.The present Govt.still angry over their defeat in 2002 tried to use it as a political tool of the PLP but if you go to any Urban renewal office FNM operatives are employed eg Mrs Lewis,Dennis Dames etc.

    A ridiculous comment that is opbviously political,and adds nothing to the debate asd to whether Roberts is correct in lambasting the lameduck COP.Question for the COP did he support Urban renewal?does he really know what it is all about?has he done any walkabouts since he was thrust upon the Police and the Bahamian people?All I can hear is an echo.


  5. I stand with Mr. Roberts in one regard that the COP comments were uvery unfortunate. The very fact that he served under the vail of Urban Renewal and basked in the glory of the many awards. Speaks volume. The fact remain that Urban renewal was working and with just a little bit of tweeking, ie the bringing on of more stake holders, church, community clubs etc.. Urban renewal would have change the face of our inner city communities. I do believe that the Urban renewal should be taken out of the hands of politics as it was overly abused by the previous administration. Perhaps it was this abuse that lead to the distain of the present Government and gave cause for them to revamp the Urban Renewal system to their now called revise version. COP also did not understand his role he was not ment to be a change agent when he went in the very fact that he dismantle all that Paul Farquharson had build, (I must add before he came in the Police Force was highly motivated and seem to be positioned to handle any formitable surge in criminality). It is this fact along with the COP not being trained to run a mordern day force. Good men such as Greenslade, Dames, Hanna, etc. were all trained to run a mordern day force, but their voices have been silenced by the COP, giving rise to internal power struggles where people were promoted not on ability but based on social affiliation with the COP. Well today we have what we have… The fact that the now Minister allowed the dismantling of the core of the executive Branch by the COP, he is also to blame for the now demotivated force and the levels of what Crime has risen to. I wont go as far as making him a scapegoat, because we all realize that the world wide economic conditions crime has increased world wide.

  6. Since I am certain he reads this post the COP needs to just shut up and go.You have been outmanoeuvred by PAPA and his wannabe Leader Tommy T. so let them defend their inactions and destructive behaviour.Face the fact that you are the shortest COP in tenure ever in an Independent Bahamas.A loser who fumbled the ball and now criminals have the upperhand and the ball at the door of every law abiding citizen.Go Reggie go and let the 04/12 be your last day in office as the country cannot have you around for Xmas.See you in January 2010 when you officially handover.Dont sweat and worry yourself to death as you were given more time than those Officers you fired in Jan 09.What ironic coincidence,that the COP went on Jones and co and stated that he had Crime under control despite his losing over 500 yrs of experience in jan 09.”What a fool these mortals be”.

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