Reported cases of Dengue Fever on the rise as officials confirm almost 100 persons infected with the disease

Lady Joan Foulkes hit with symptoms of the dengue and has sought medical attention.


Reports reaching our newsroom now tell us wife of Sir Arthur Foulkes, Lady Joan Foulkes may have contracted the Dengue Fever. Sources tell us Lady has sought medical attention after presenting symptoms of the outbreak. We wish her good health and a speedy recovery.

Nassau, Bahamas — Dengue fever outbreaks now rocks the capital as hundreds of new cases of have flocked the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Last week the minister for health, Dr. Hubert Minnis told reporters there were only two cases of dengue fever were confirmed following tests conducted oversees. However, despite the large number of cases flocking the PMH showing symptoms. We have yet to hear from hospital officials.

A 60 plus year old woman reported a chilling episode at the PMH last week where she reported scores of individuals had lined the accident and emergency centre; some laying on the floor in an effort to comfort themselves.

However despite the minister’s commitment to fight the spread of the disease and his assurances that public daily fogging has commenced in the southwestern and central parts of New Providence, a large number of cases continue to be reported.

Health officials today are reporting some 90 confirmed cases.

Just short of citing these incidents as that of being an epidemic, Minister Minnis confirmed late this afternoon, increase cases are expected and that his ministry will meet the challenge to curb further spread of the disease.

Dr. Hubert Minnis, MP and Minister of Health

An official at the DEHS indicated to BP that spraying for mosquitoes have begun and they are working overtime all over the island.

“The prime concern at this time is that numerous shanty towns and Haitian villages scattered throughout the island are prime breathing grounds for the mosquitoes borne disease including villages like Mackey Yard, where a number of cases have been reported.”

Reports coming into BP confirm that most of the cases now being reported are localized in the Southwestern New Providence area and as most readers would note, here is where many of these villages are located.

BP advises the authorities to increase the fogging in these areas at least three times a day and minimize the risk to the rest of us. This is an URGENT REQUEST!


  1. Perhaps as this and other potential epidemics (TB, Maleria, Cholera, etc.,)hit the homes of those responsible for the mismanagement of our nation, we will finally get an Illegal Immigration resolution!

    The present disease situation affecting our communities reminds me of the Biblical account in Genesis of the Ten(10)Plagues of Egypt.

  2. The ministry of health knows best where to start with the fogging.
    Quite possibly a good place to start would be at the origin of the virus.
    BP where did you say the fogging started??? Hmmmm…???

  3. Stevie Wonder could have seen the need for fogging when the rainy season started. But no!! This jack-leg government waits until our people are sick. Man I can’t wait for Ingaham to carry his ass along with the spineless “accessories”.

    • Hound I still waiting on the fogging truck. It ain’t reach through our corner yet and about 6 people i hear done gat it through here.


  4. BP. Is anyone reporting the numerous cases that ( may) have been treated by the numerous private clinics around around Nassau in the past 4 weeks or more. I would think that if these cases would have been reported in the early stages steps could have been taken by the Bahamian public to protect themselves. ( all of the horses are now out of the gate and we now have shut the gate to ensure that we don’t let them back in. Ie. It is a little late now.)

  5. BP, these FNM Min. this play politics with every thing thats why this county are in the mess it’s in rite now, when the min. was on talking but it was only 2 cases that was so far from the truth because i had a cuz in PMH rite around the same time and it was other persons in PMH at the same time.

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