Responding To The Leader of The Opposition’s Statement On Public Demonstrations Today

Hon. Fred Mitchell

Responding To The Leader of The Opposition’s Statement On Public Demonstrations Today

14 September 2022

The Statement by the Leader of the Opposition on this morning’s demonstrations is misleading. It seeks to fool us that he and his colleagues had nothing to do with the demonstration in the public square this morning. The Opposition Leader speaks with a forked tongue on this matter.

All you had to do was spot that their principal miscreant was in the crowd. He is a convicted criminal and is now out on bail (reportedly the bail was paid for by an FNM leader) for several other criminal offences including the assault of another FNM. He is the hand of the leader and where he is, there goes FNM wickedness and perfidy.

Secondly, two other miscreants were present, both the man and the woman are associated with seeking to steal public lands and renting crowds for hire and generally for whipping up hysterical nonsense and xenophobia over nothing.

Unfortunately, for the genuine demonstrators, they have been misled by their FNM leaders. The Cabinet of Philip Edward Brave Davis has not authorized, nor has it circulated any bills with regard to either citizenship or immigration or asylum. The law remains as it is and the Government is satisfied that it has all the statutory and constitutional and administrative powers to deal with citizenship and immigration as is.

People should not follow FNM misleaders in their nonsense.

We add also that the bills that the FNM misleaders are circulating are bills done by the Law Reform Commission when Hubert Minnis was Prime Minister and Michael Pintard was his Minister. The PLP in Opposition rejected those drafts and we continue to do so. Michael Pintard and the FNM circulated those drafts and the drafts had their support. The PLP did not and do not support those drafts. They are FNM bills rejected by us.

The Leader of The Opposition stood to his feet in the House today mourning the Queen, while his supporters were encouraging the crowd that the FNM rented this morning to hurl obscenities while prayers were being offered for the Queen. How sad.

As for the suspension of the House for two weeks, the Opposition Leader should not be heard to complain, since he and his members voted for the suspension today without a dissenting voice.

Mr Pintard speaks in his press release with a forked tongue. The release is full of political falsehoods in every material particular.