Ritchie moves his case a stage futher in an attempt to meet Ingraham



  1. I am fully with the government on this one, but I must say that Ritchie’s video appeal was touching. He almost persuaded me that he should indeed be given a chance to make a payment proposal. ALMOST.

    KK you are right. Just imagine if he had become a minister. We would all be in real trouble.

  2. Just imagine if this guy did manage to win the seat he ran for and if he had become a minister!

    Face the music and pay up Richie!

  3. waa, waa, waa, waaaaaaah!

    Let me get this….
    1. Ritchie teef from the Government by not paying customs that his clients gave him money to pay on their behalf.
    2. Government teef from Ritchie by not paying him refunds from overpriced customs duties charged to Ritchie by agents of the government.
    3. Ritchie say he is a man of integrity even though he showed no integrity by teefing clients money and writing bad cheques to the government.
    4. Government say they trying to get all monies owed to them by people, even though the government ain paying money it owes people.
    5. Government using the media to smash Ritchie.
    6. Ritchie using some guy named “Media” to try get back at government.
    7. Ritchie plays hard ball, does not borrow the money from a political friend and give him shares in his business in return.
    8. Government play hard ball, Ritchie earns no more money because the government closes his business.

    What is the end product of all these…….um….um…
    Bahamas Government ONE – Jackson Ritchie ZERO!!

    Pay the damn money Ritchie, even if you have to borrow from someone (not a bank) and move on with your cotton-picking greedy, self-indulging, self-gratifying life!!!!

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