Robbery at Commonwealth Bank Wullf Road foiled robbers captured



Breaking news happening right now confirm police have foiled a robbery at the Commonwealth Bank on Wulff Road. Both the driver and the gunman have been nabbed by police. The bank is still in lock-down! Quick action by police confused the would-be robbers who went cold dead in there tracks. Another group of thieves are off the streets.


  1. Yawl sure Tommy wasn’t there with a Machine Gun in his hand.
    Kuddo’s to RBPF for quick responce. It’s good to have a feather in ya Hat for a change. Now, lets see how soon these ”Red Handed” Crooks get bail..I say 45 days.

  2. i was there after it, while they were looking for the other/s. lots of traffic. one guy was handcuffed. lots of police with machine guns. glad they caught the criminals. they had all those new cop cars racing up and down wulf road, the response was overwhelming .. really exiting stuff 🙂 I give these cops an A in this one .. sorry tommy wasnt there doing the hard work boss .. also I give the Road traffic an F though as they never came to address the traffic situation, as usual.

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