Bahamas Press projected to surpass the Tribune as a major news source in the Bahamas


Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is fast becoming a major source for news in the Bahamas. In three short years we’ve grown by leap and bounds. The 100 year-old Tribune is about to be surpassed by BP, according to the online web world ranking service

Bahamas Press is now listed at number 28 on while the Tribune is at 24. We are projected to surpass the Tribune by the end of the month. This is the very reason the Tribune242 is afraid of BP. Bahamas Press has truly gone rogue.

According to our developers in India, “Bahamas Press has truly gone viral. We have lost every other local media house and we’ve registered the site with over 300 new global social network pages. This will give BP the needed traffic to become a major world player on the magnitude of the Huffington Post. As you can see we made a major upgrade last month and in the weeks to come, we will be developing online video capabilities to provide broadcast feeds from the Bahamas throughout the world. We are the source for real news.”

Tell the Tribune, ‘WE COMIN!’


  1. Because bp is honest, blunt, and humorous all at the same time. And mainly they’re not afraid to call out that short tyrant that some call “PM”!!!!!

  2. Well I have friends who live abroad, and they say from time, to time, Bahamas Press is the first place they click for current news.

  3. Whenever I want quick news I can depend on this site.I notice that whenever there is a seriouis Crime committed ZNS takes forever so am wondering if it is due to the Minister of National Security having management control of that entity.This is also an entertaing site for me as i view the garbage thoughts of some of us who just love to push our partys political agendas.The Tribune is a dinosaur and cannot compare with this site as the editor over there appears to be senile and lacking male companionship.

    • Now Russell behave yourself, she just lost a wonderful man. She not to be spoken of in any ilk. We will not accept that on BP.

      Please withdraw that last statement.


  4. Do your research and send us more info. Show the powers that be we are no place to mess with….LOL!


  5. I applaud how quick this domain has gotten so high up in the ranks regardless .. as its even on page 2 on google for Bahamas news .. i go by search engine results myself more then alexa type results .. but check this .. sorry i had to chuckle again .. he he he 😀

    Audience Snapshot:

    Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 45-54, have no children, received some college education and browse this site from home.

  6. As we said before newsman, KEEP READING, yall pushing the Tribune into the back of the class.


  7. While i would admit you are out there, I wouldnt rely on alexa for anything concrete. It depends on who is actually using the spyware which, well, Alexa is. It comes hidden within certain free software as well as built into some older Operating systems. Just saying. Although i come here, mostly for entertainment, but also for some quick news which other local media normally take another day to get to, your articles can be a little scary at times. 😀 lastly .. why “developers in India”?? Its simple to make a dynamic website these days. Ive been doing it for 15 years now actually.

  8. Don’t hate Willard, you don’t have to believe what we write just go to and read it for yourself. As long as the Tribune been in the country you mean to tell me this 3 year old blog is about to surpass them? Ahhh my. And guess what Willard? You helping to make up the number.

    Welcome to the real world. BP IS WIDELY READ AND IS TAKING OVER!


  9. OMG, If Bahamaspress can some how try to ensure that it is not getting too personal into the personal lives of private citizens so as to make points then maybe they will have a chance.

    If Bahamaspress can stop telling so much obvious untruths then maybe.

    Right now Bahamaspress is talked about as a joke and the author is even more laughable.

    Dream on. The Tribune has been in the Bahamas for as long as I can remember and BP just do not have it, but dream on.

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