Cycles Unlimited on Markey Street owners robbed this morning!

ROBBERS VEHICLES| 11:02am this morning during lunch time traffic. Robbers wait for owners of cycles to leave to rob them! Leaving the scene in this Honda Stream.

BP BREAKING| NASSAU| Police have not reported it yet but Bahamas Press is now confirming another robbery this morning around 11:02am at Cycles Unlimited on Markey Street opposite KFC.

Armed bandits, who now are robbing all over the place, got away again with an undetermined amount of cash from the establishment as they waited for owners to leave the company.

Robbers pulled up in this white Honda stream vehicle and held up the owners and made good their escape from the business.

Anyone seeing this white Honda Stream vehicle should alert police immediately. The occupants are armed and dangerous!

Remember now according to police Crime is Down, and we at BP continue to say crime reporting is also down.

We report yinner decide! 

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