Stop and get your piece of the economic pie – Wealth within Reach!


So get this: This morning I dreamed we opened an Asian cuisine restaurant with a staff of six with the potential of seating 400 people.

As the restaurant filled up with paid customers, the Asian female cook looked at me and said, “Can you check to see if the meal is ready?”

The food was ready as I checked…but she went to count the night’s profit which was $36,000.

Now I ga ask yinner, “What ya think this dream is telling us Bahamians?”

This what I got and ya’ll could take this debate from here:

1) Why only Asians are running Asian restaurants in the Bahamas?

2) How is it you can cook well but opted to, serve and clean but cannot envision to having own the restaurant? Bahamians must wake up!

3) Why would you not plan a real future to own something rather than just complain about our neighbours from around the world, who have came to the Bahamas and are doing well in your country?!

It is time for Bahamians to get ahead. INVEST, SAVE, STARTUP and OWN your spot in this GREAT economy!

Wealth within Reach! Bahamians can now have Access!
Opening: June 3, 2019.

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