Roberts calls for House censure of Minnis.

PLP Chairman raises his cane against the Leader of the Opposition.

Statement by Bradley B. Roberts
National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party 22nd July 2013

The behavior of Dr. Minnis in the House today was disgraceful and he ought to be ashamed of himself.

Having deceptively agreed to abide by the rules of the House and the ruling of the speaker in an earlier meeting with the House Speaker, Dr. Minnis and his cohorts orchestrated the entire disgraceful incident with the malicious intent of using the precincts of the Honourable House as a political circus and cheapening the work of Parliament to a self-serving political PR stunt.

This kind of clownish behavior is intolerable, sets a bad precedent for junior members and a poor example for our people, especially the young and I call for a House censure of Minnis.

Further, the most important symbol of our democracy is the hallowed House of Assembly and this public institution cannot and must not be arbitrarily used as a prop in cheap political stunt.

I fully support the Speaker’s ruling to gag Dr. Minnis until such time as he withdraws his libelous and malicious attack on the Prime Minister while cowardly hiding behind the cloak of Parliamentary privilege and immunity from slander; his action represents rank abuse of this honourable institution.

He has to be taught how to act honourably.

Unlike the Hon. Arthur D. Hanna and more recently the Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin who both stood on platforms of principle, of conscience and of protecting the public interest. Dr. Minnis has no such claim as at all times he was playing gutter politics while seeking to injure others with impunity.