Roberts: Voice of the people is the voice of God

Bradley Roberts Chairman of the PLP

Bradley B. Roberts
National chairman, Progressive Liberal Party
On 2012 General Election Victory

7th May 2012


On behalf of the Progressive Liberal Party, I want to thank the Bahamian people for the respectful manner in which they exercised their voting rights today.

This general election was peaceful and an expression of the democracy that we as Bahamians hold so dear.

This was the most important general elections since 1967 because there was so must at stake. The silent majority galvanized themselves behind the policy proposals of the PLP Bahamian people because they clearly felt that the policies of the FNM were not in their best interest and relegated them to second class citizens.

This is not a victory for the Progressive Liberal Party, but for the Bahamian people.

It is said that the voice of the people is the voice of God and we humbly accept the overwhelming vote of confidence the Bahamian people have reposed in the PLP as decisive mandate to put Bahamians first and to invest in our people

We will govern this country in a manner worthy of their trust and confidence.

The Progressive Liberal Party is committed to continuing the vision of our esteemed leader, the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie. Through prudent governance we intend to shape The Bahamas into the best little country in the world where economic empowerment, social justice, strong values and respect for the rule of Law are the precepts upon which we were built.

We are committed to this vision and to that of creating a fair and just society where all hardworking Bahamians have an equal opportunity to share in our national resources and the creation of wealth.

The PLP will immediately initiate its 100 – day plan as articulated in our Charter for Governance.

We will launch key elements of Project Safe Bahamas and Operation Cease Fire including Urban Renewal 2.0.

We will begin the doubling of the nation’s investment in education and training.

In conjunction with the private sector, we will institute our mortgage relief plan.

We will secure our nation’s borders to protect our fishing grounds for Bahamians and to eliminate illegal poaching, illegal immigration, human smuggling and contraband and weapons smuggling.

Re-establish the Ministry of Financial Services and Investment.

Renew the nation’s commitment to National Health Insurance and acquire badly needed cancer screening technology.

To stimulate the real estate and construction industries, we will reduce the stamp tax payable on all real estate transactions from 12% to 10%. We will go further and re-introduce a ceiling on the maximum level of real property taxes payable on a residence.

There are no more gold, red and green – only Bahamians and one Bahamas. The Progressive Liberal Party is committed to governing for all Bahamians.

On a personal note, I wish to point out that the last two times the PLP came to office, I was the sitting chairman. No chairman of the FNM can lay claim to that achievement.

When I won the chairmanship of the PLP in 2009, I said then that I came out of retirement to remove the FNM from office and to retire Hubert Ingraham.

I will say no more and let history be my judge.

Once again on behalf of the PLP, I thank the Bahamian people for their support, confidence and mandate and the PLP pledges to government in the best interest of all Bahamians.