Rodney Moncur nominates for Chairman of the FNM


Moncur set to make the FNM GREAT AGAIN!

JP Rodney Moncur with FNM Secretary General Michael Foulkes.
JP Rodney Moncur with FNM Secretary General Michael Foulkes.

Nassau, Bahamas – Rodney Moncur, J.P is shown in the photo above presenting his nomination form to FNM Secretary General Michael Foulkes for National Chairman on Monday afternoon.

Moncur now has nine days to win over the majority of the Party Council to become the next Chairman of the Free National Movement.

We can tell you things are looking good already for Moncur. He told audiences yesterday in his popular radio show on ZNR 103.5FM that he was the best man to lead the FNM as Chairman into a 2017 victory.

Moncur has a life of political activism, and is firm believer in democracy! His opponent Sidney Collie was a former member of the Ingraham Cabinet who served as the minister for local government.

You would remember with a fight led by Glenys Hanna-Martin, Collie had failed to give proper notices for the local government elections and thus was fired from the Cabinet.

Why would members of the FNM support a man like Collie who did not believe in democracy then and we believe now? And why would the FNM elect a man like Collie who fails to believe in democracy? Collie is dangerous if elected!

We wish The Justice of the Peace, Rodney Moncur, a hugeeeeee VICTORY! My God GO WITH HIM as he makes the FNM GREAT AGAIN!

We report yinner decide!