Rollins Is Wrong Person To Lead The Charge for Visionary and Transformative Leadership…


Rollins has already let both FNMs and Minns down!

Tuesday May 31, 2016 edition.
Tuesday May 31, 2016 edition.

Dear Editor:

Whereas there may be merit in some of the recent public statements attributed to Dr. Andre Rollins, he may be the wrong person to so aggressively lead the charge for visionary and transformative leadership. In saying this, I am not saying that Dr. Rollins does not have a right to participate – in whatever fashion – in the process of ensuring the best leader and leadership team leads the FNM organization to victory in the next general election. I am saying, however, that the charge should, more so, be left up to that one or those other similarly brave FNMs with a more proven record in visionary and transformative leadership. For the sake of credibility for the position, one of them must step up and lead and bring some order to this charge, if expediency is the goal of the Free National Movement. Again, I am not sure if Dr. Rollins should be that one.

Has he shown over the short term of his political career that he does have the right judgment “to see the wider picture” and the temperament to lead a charge for or call into question another’s visionary and transformative leadership skills? I stand to be corrected.

But did he display right judgment when he pandered and joined up with the PLP party and, later, the FNM party, understanding prior that neither leader had “vision”? Dr. Rollins’ was well aware. The public domain is full of his comments about the lack of vision that both Perry Christie and Hubert Minnis had before he made a determination to join them both. So why is he now, once again, sounding alarms and getting everyone else alarmed again over something he knew and said he knew before he joined these organizations? He cannot say he misjudged the situation before he got himself into it. If, however, he is saying he miscalculated again – as a proponent for visionary and transformative leadership – he should, temperamentally, make better choices, if his aim is to assist the organization. As a visionary and transformative leader, he should be able to make better choices that speak to vision and transformation. There has to be a greater level of control in his judgment and temperament, so as not come across as hypocritical, disingenuous, or out of control, since much of what he is fighting for suggests that quality leadership and vision show a great level of temperamental control as well.

Similarly, for the past four years, as the MP for the community of Fort Charlotte, Dr. Rollins also had the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his own brand of vision and transformation in the community of Ft. Charlotte that would put him, at this perfect time, in the right position to call into question another’s vision and skills. Would the people of Ft. Charlotte have the right to similarly criticize him, however, as a leader without vision? Dr. Rollins says, he “believes in keeping it real.” He says, his “loyalty is to this country and the Bahamian people. They deserve to be respected and not played by those interested in being politically duplicitous.” What would the residents of Ft. Charlotte have to say about that? Would they consider him truthful to his words, and if not, could this hurt him as the chief messenger? If it does, he too must be careful that his words do not come back to haunt him when he says, that leaders must never be afraid to allow democracy to reign. But, perhaps, if he too is fit and can show signs of his vision in the community, he too will weather the storm in Ft Charlotte as its elected leader.

I understand the love and passion for the Bahamas and the Bahamian people that fuels Dr. Rollins’ frustrations. There are many of us who share those sentiments. But if the majority of the residents under his charge do not see him as genuine because his words and his actions do not mesh up, then perhaps this hurts his and the FNM organization’s credibility, as well, on various levels.

As an MP, God gave him charge over a small cause, like Ft Charlotte, to possibly prepare and establish him, one day, to lead this greater national cause. What is it in his track record as leader in the community that would point to him as able to criticize the vision, change, and transformation skills of another at this present time? Again, I must make it clear that I am not saying that Dr. Rollins should not be belligerently leading a cause for a healthy democracy in the Free National Movement organization, but I am questioning whether this cause would not be better serve if the leader is better able to, primarily, lead from and by example. Others may see it differently and, again, I stand to be corrected.

In saying all of this, it is my belief that the temperament and decision making abilities of visionary and transformative leaders should display a certain level of skills that speak to right thinking, particularly in times of crisis; particularly in leading others through times of crisis, to safety and success. And as much as many may be fond of Dr. Rollin’s messages, the ways in which he chooses to deliver them – in most instances – makes some call into question the messages as hypocritical and/or duplicitous in many aspects. It calls into question his ability to lead this important charge, because he does not appear to have the right temperament to deal with the decisions that come about as a result of his own judgment.

With that said, having perhaps squandered what some may consider to be the perfect opportunity in a young political life to demonstrate vision at a lower level as the MP in the community of Ft. Charlotte – on both sides of the isle, Dr. Rollins can do better when criticizing and must now also show better. He has made a decision to join the FNM, like I did, with a good understanding of what was involved. He should see how, in the confines of his decision, he can work to make the party better. It is only my take, but unless he is prepared to demonstrate that he has the temperament and right judgment capabilities as a visionary and transformative leader to either assist or lead the FNM through this rough spot, he should do what is respectable and honorable.

If it is his intent to challenge for leadership of the organization so that he can demonstrative to the party and the nation that he has a proven track record in visionary leadership to lead the charge for the organization, he should be real, say so, and do so, particularly since there will be a convention and all position will be up for challenge. If he does not intend to do so, he should find more credible ways to assist the organization, including those desirous of different leadership, to get through this rough spot and win the government away from this Christie Administration.

If his decision is neither, he should be comforted by these paraphrased words: “if when you give, the best of your service, telling the world that there is better to come. Be not dismayed when men don’t believe you, God will understand and say well done. And when you’ve come to the end of your journey, weary of life – even if the battle has not been won – carry the staff and the cross of redemption, God will understand and say well done.”

I remind Dr. Rollins, another generation of potential leaders are listening to his words and watching his public actions to see, judge, and decide if he has the integrity to lead the charge, both on the local and national level. He must therefore, demonstrate a greater level of aware when leveling criticism at others.


Mark Humes

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