FNM Council Member Lincoln Bain Bambozzled Mrs Lanisha Rolle


FNM Party didn’t defend or protect the woman!

FNM former Senator Lanisha Rolle
FNM former Senator Lanisha Rolle

By Jerry Roker
for Bahamas Press

I cannot think of a more despicable act than to record a private conversation between a friend or a colleague, without their knowledge, and to turn around and share that recording with others. What makes it worse, is that it is done to advance the political advancement of the perpetrator or as a minimum, derail the political career of another.

This unethical, if not illegal act, by someone vying for a candidacy, in the FNM, seemed to have been allowed to go unpunished, or otherwise was not roundly condemned by the leaders of that party, at least not publicly.

Mr. Bain’s conduct in this matter, caused Mrs. Rolle to resign her Senate seat, and probably wounded her politically, albeit temporarily, some might say. While it is not my business, I believe Mr. Bain has inflicted worse damage to himself politically, as he is unlikely to get any FNM nomination. He just as well cut his losses and run. It would be foolhardy for that party to consider him further. There was a saying in my day, that speaks somewhat to retribution, brought on not by one seeking to exact revenge, but rather by the rank behavior of the perpetrator of bad: When you dig one grave, best you dig two.

I can help but mention that Mr. Bain, in his own words, denied leaking the recording. Having done so, one would had expected Mr. Bain to, as an absolute minimum offer up some plausible explanation as to how the recording got out. Who let the dogs out?

The sum total of this matter is that Mr. Bain’s own behavior, disqualifies for political leadership.

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