Ross Professor to give Grand Rounds at JFK Medical Center


coxdrdesiree<<< Dr. Desiree Cox

Grand Bahama Island – Ross University Professor, Dr. Desiree Cox is to give Grand Rounds at the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute, JFK Medical Center on Wednesday 29th April.

In May 2007, Dr Desirée Cox was invited by the College of the Bahamas to give the convocation speech to the 2007 graduation class. As is the tradition at COB the topic of the convocation speech was selected by the students themselves. ‘The wait is over, walk into your season’ was the topic chosen by the students that year. In a memorable address, Dr Desirée Cox, a medical doctor, a historian, social entrepreneur, professional jazz-singer, writer and visionary artist, and now Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Director of Community Clinical Education at Ross University’s Freeport Campus spoke to the graduation class about the ways in which we create our own realities with our thoughts and mind power; the collapse of old paradigms based on fear and limitations of human potential; and the shift towards a new paradigm of whole-person health where more people learn the keys to unlocking and living their full potential.

Since 2000, while living in the UK, Dr Cox has been a leader in social enterprises which take a renaissance approach to individual development and community transformation, connecting both the art and the science of consciousness. Over these years she has also been developing some of these ideas in academic papers being prepared for publication.

Recently, Dr Cox discussed this process in an interview on BBC Radio 4 as part of her art exhibition in London. She has now been invited to give a more formal Grand Rounds lecture presentation on “Consciousness, Creativity and ‘Whole-Person’ health” at the prestigious New Jersey Neurosciences Institute at the JFK Center in New Jersey on Wednesday 29th April 2009.

The New Jersey Neuroscience Institute serves as one of the most extensive clinical programs in that state for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with complex neurological diseases and injuries. The Institute has consistently led the field of neuroscience by investing in the most sophisticated technology that gives their specialists an edge in diagnosing and treating disease and they offer a wide array of complementary programs to treat the most complex neurological disorders.

‘Whole-person health is a perspective about health, that’s not just surviving life, but flourishing, really living, fully awake, fully connected to who we are at the level of mind,body,soul and spirit, and, being aware of the ways in which our thoughts and actions influence or destiny,’ explained Dr. Cox.


  1. I am so happy that Dr Cox is still with us in the Bahamas and making us proud.One of the biggest mistakes of the FNM Govt was failure to continue to use her expertise in the Urban Renewal Programme.There is still hope as the country disinegrates into lawlessness.Someone can go back and look at Dr Cox.s template on the best way forward for Urban Renewal.As it now stands that illustrious programme is dead because some in Govt viewed it as a PLP program.Luckily for us they did not view National Insurance as such.Shame on you HAI for listening to some miscreants in your party and abandoning this social gem.All former PLPs in the FNM should hang their heads in shame because the failure to build on Urban renewal will be at the center stage in the next General Elections.Then the FNM Govt had the audacity not to renew Dr Cox,s contract but are using a dumbed down version that employees FNM supporters who are paid for doing nothing in the offices they occupy.I say let those non workers join the unemployment line like the rest of us.Can anyone say how many are employed in this programme?how much are they paid for doing nothing?Shame on you HAI ,you wuthless,wuthless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This woman makes me proud as a Bahamian man. Definitely one of our and the world’s greatest minds.

  3. She is the epitome of a well rounded bahamian women. She stands tall among the other women who i admire in our country.

    Dame Ivy Dumont
    Ruby-ann Cooper Darling (Who taught me at Prince William)
    Theresa Moxey-Ingraham
    Lady Pindling
    Janet Bostwick
    Patricia Glinton-Meicholas
    Allyson Maynard-Gibson
    Angela Palacious
    Glennys Hanna-Martin
    Debbie Bartlett

    These are just a few of the many, many, women in our country who I stop to listen to whenever I hear them speak