Royal Bahamas Defence Force Officer Completes Overseas Course

Senior Lieutenant Ricardo Barry

Nassau, Bahamas – Senior Lieutenant Ricardo Barry attended the College of International Security Affairs at the National Defense University Washington DC where he received a Masters of Arts Degre e in Strategic Security Studies. The program is sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, United States and its aim is to bring a diverse group of United States and international military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, legal and energy specialists together to focus on strategic security studies.

The program is an academic graduate-level course, which analyzes global threats and their various manifestations. Strategic analysis conducted during the course included, recognizing global terrorism modes, means, roots and psychology of transnational terrorism, evaluating means of countering threats within and outside national settings, creating plans and strategies to work with other members of the anti-terror coalition in deterring, combating and defeating global terrorism.

The requirement for successful completion of the program included an Undergraduate Degree, successful completion of courses totaling 37 academic credits, and the submission and defense of a Master Thesis. In addition to Masters of Arts Degree in Strategic Security Studies, successful candidates also received a Senior-level War College Diploma from the National Defense University.

Senior Lieutenant Ricardo Barry is a 27-year member of the service who has served in various departments including Squadron, Commando Squadron, Port Security and Operations. Senior Lieutenant Barry is committed to continuing to answer that higher call to service to both the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.