WAKEUP BAHAMAS! Education on VAT is Limitless – Get Educated!!!!



Dear Editor,

The first cry of the public was “we een educated on dis VAT”. So the government delayed VAT from July 2014 to January 2015. During the delay, Financial Secretary, John Rolle, toured The Bahamas having Seminars, Town Meetings and Press Conferences to properly educate the people of this country.

You made the cry! The need was met! The government went ahead an educated you on VAT. If you missed John Rolle and the Government’s efforts then the newspapers carry many advertisements with information on VAT. There are also TV commercials with facts on VAT made simple to understand.

We need to realize that the onus of educating ourselves on VAT is on us. We were provided with the information now we need to soak it in and prepare ourselves for January 2015.

Yours etc.

Renee Sawyer