Royal Eagle Lodge #1: Election Soon Come and Da Tief Throwing Drunken Orgies – 3


Trying to whip himself and his Merry Men into shape and behave after BP exposed all of them-

What in the hell is dis?

Nassau, Bahamas — More trouble is brewing in the historic Royal Eagle Lodge, Prince Hall Affiliated. The Worshipful Master, Uriel “Da Tief” Johnson, is now trying to whip himself and his Merry Men into shape and behave after BP exposed all of them for what they really are which is a bunch of drunken, womanizing and tiefing men. Well some more than others, any way.

There has been new developments in this ongoing and out of control saga. The Gangster Mason, JJ the DJ, owner of Blue Waters, located in the Royal Eagle Lodge building, has found morality and has turned against the Royal Eagle Cabinet consisting of Da Tief and his Merry Men. It seems Mr. Blue Waters had a falling out with the dishonest Worshipful Master and his Cabinet over electrical wiring of the old, historic building which has caused him to pay thousands of dollars in lost equipment and partial rewiring of the building which has now temporarily ceased the constant, embarrassing black outs that the club was experiencing.

The Gangster Mason JJ has spoken out loud in anger, during power outages in the dark, on several occasions in Blue Waters stating how he “will pay any money” to have the current Cabinet removed come December during elections. Not only is he angry over the electrical situation but he is angry because the Da Tiefing Worshipful Master of Royal Eagle Lodge befriended him and borrowed thousands of dollars from him, never paid him back and used his slippery tongue to convince the out island born Gangster Mason that, because of monies owed, he would give him whatever concessions, permissions and deals he needed for Blue Waters. WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS???

Now the Gangster Mason is finding out exactly what a con man the Worshipful Master really is. He is vex as hell!!!

BP has two questions:
  • Why is this man still allowed to head the once historic and prestigious lodge?
  • When is the Grand Lodge waking up?
After huffing and cussing in the dark for hours, the Gangster Mason, JJ the DJ, has banned the Cabinet and their immediate friends, the love sick former worshipful master and his girlfriend the spoiled brat, biggetty journalist and one of Da Tief’s many women, banker, Ronnick Tinker. The Gangster Mason said if he ever catches any of them in Blue Waters, “Dog Eat Dey Lunch”. He said there will be no love shown to any of these people until Da Tief either pays him back the thousands of dollars he conned from him or fulfill the promises he made.

BP will once again give Worshipful Master Uriel “Da Tief” Johnson’s Character Reference and you be the judge:

  • Tief – Stole the lodge’s money and had to pay it back
  • Womanizer – Has lots of women in different professional arenas and Masonic Orders
  • Woman User – Has women supporting him financially by conning them
  • Con man – Dishonest with the lodge’s funds – past and present. Roughing up his treasurer and secretary for the lodge’s money. Conned Blue Waters out of thousands of dollars for his personal gain. Dishonest in business dealings
  • Unmarried/Children – Has 10 children – THREE born in one year – and is not married.
  • Drunken Orgies – Gets them drunk and has sex with sisters coming into the lodge as a part of their “initiation”.

Now does that sound like a man who should be heading an historic lodge? Once again good Masons are pleading to the Grand Lodge to have this Masonic Menace removed from the halls of Prince Hall Lodge. December is practically here and still no word from the Grand Lodge on removing this man from his post.

We Report! Yinner Decide in December!!!