Royal Eagle Lodge – Sea Urchins – Lies and Orgies!


Worshipful Master dem proving that dey ARE WORSHIPING SATAN!

What in the hell is dis?

Nassau, Bahamas — All has been quiet in Prince Hall Lodge since Da Tief, Worshipful Master of Royal Eagle Lodge #1, Uriel “Rabbie” Johnson, regained his position as Worshipful Master after December’s elections. Even though BP told the Good Masons to get themselves together, they talked among themselves but never executed a viable plan to rid the once historic lodge of the ill-fated Rabbie Johnson. Even JJ the DJ, after all his offers of money, failed in his bid to rid the lodge of Da Tief.

Johnson, who was shot several times in various incidents, regained his seat as Worshipful Master and his Cabinet of drunks, adulterers and womanizers went in with him. The Good Masons told BP that they would rather let Da Tief and his Cabinet hang themselves Masonically than lower themselves to run against them in an election.

BP could not help but notice that at the Royal Eagle Lodge’s last fundraiser, a steak out, the bossy, biggety, spoiled brat journalist, Tanya Cartwright was not there. As we told you before, she is the girlfriend of Royal Eagle Lodge’s former Worshipful Master, Love Sick, Juan Bethel.

When BP dug further to find out why the spoiled rotten Sister of the Lodge was not there collecting the lodge’s money as usual, we were told that her love sick boyfriend Bethel told her that he did not want her there mingling with the drunken and promiscuous brothers of the lodge. Apparently the biggety spoiled brat journalist is not as biggety as we thought she was because she listened to her man’s COMMAND to stay away from the event and wait for him at their love nest by the sea.

Boy, how the tables have turned. By the way, isn’t there a law in this lodge which clearly states that brothers and sisters in the lodge SHOULD NOT be romantically involved ESPECIALLY when married – Cartwright is married to a contractor she sent crazy and Bethel is married to a straight up drunken sailor.

BP also noticed that Rabbie Da Tief is ALSO in control of his women. Maybe he has given the Love Sick Worshipful Master, Juan Bethel, tips on how to control his bossy girlfriend.

Da Tief kept his baby mothers, 10 children and other women he uses for money, food and clothes away from the event as well. The Love Sick former Worshipful Master was not taking any chances though. The minute dark fell he got the heck out of dodge, speeding down West Bay Street like a bat out of hell to his biggety woman before she flipped the script and came to the steak out to get him.

That WHITE VAN was parked outside the seaside love nest ALL NIGHT after the steak out. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!! BP sees everything as BP is everywhere!!

These Masons, Johnson and Bethel, are a DISGRACE to Masonic organizations around the world. Good for nothing womanizer and adulterer.

BP quite enjoyed chomping on the tender steak grilled by the brothers of Royal Eagle Lodge. It is our pleasure to walk among the lodge people undetected while observing and taking mental notes.

This once historic lodge is full of slackness. We shake our heads at what has entered and taken over that place.

Da Tiefing Worshipful Master spent the weekend with his Cabinet at a retreat on a Family Island trying to convince them that he is trustworthy.

BP can only tell the Cabinet members of Royal Eagle Lodge that a LEOPARD NEVER CHANGES ITS SPOTS, so BEWARE.

We report!! Yinner Decide!!!