Ryan PinderPRESS STATEMENT: The Progressive Liberal Party is proud to announce that whenever the by-election is called in Elizabeth, the standard bearer for the PLP will be L. Ryan Pinder. The PLP came by this decision after a long, exhaustive, democratic, and transparent selection process at both the constituency and national levels within the party.

L. Ryan Pinder, JD, LLM, LEC, a certified United States tax attorney licensed to practice law in both the United States of America and the Bahamas was born on New Providence on September 13, 1974 to Mr. L. Marvin B. Pinder and Nancy S. Pinder. Ryan is rooted in the PLP as his father, Marvin Pinder, was a Member of Parliament for the Malcolm Creek (1987-1992) and St. Johns’ constituencies. He was also a member of Sir Lynden Pindling’s Cabinet as the Minister of Local Government and Family Island Affairs.

Ryan Pinder attended Queens College and St. Andrews School in Nassau before attending high school ion New York at The Stony Brook School.  Mr. Pinder received his tertiary education at the University of Miami where he earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in International Finance and Marketing; a Masters of Business Administration in Finance; a Juris Doctor Law degree; and a LLM in International Taxation.  After practicing law in the United States for several years, Mr. Pinder returned home to Nassau.

Ryan Pinder represents a cadre of young Bahamians wishing to offer themselves for Public Service. We believe that Mr. Pinder is uniquely suited for the times with a broad appeal to the people of Elizabeth. He believes in people first and their concerns including a commitment to comprehensive national health care for all people regardless of their ability to pay. The Progressive Liberal Party is very confident of the political contribution of Mr. Pinder. At present, he is a member of both the Leadership and National General Councils, and is a serving Vice – Chair of the Party. Mr. Pinder also serves as the Co-chair of the PLP’s Committee on Foreign Relations and Foreign Trade.

Ryan is married to Melissa Calvin Pinder and they have two children, Olivia Rose and Leo Austin.


  1. i am happy for young Pinder who can be the catalyst for further change in our party and the country.What impresses me with him is his ability to put forward ideas for the betterment of Elizabeth.His message of entrepreneurship is a breath of fresh air and all and sundty should buy into it.Working for oneself is the way ahead for our future.The many part time jobs that will be offered by the Govt will be counter productive to the development of Elizabethans.Pinder though young can lead the way for empowerment of the good people of Elizabeth.Change is what many have been calling for and now they have the opportunity in Elizabeth to deliver.

  2. @ Tristan

    The FNM – play the race card?  Please – the only party that plays the race card is the PLP.  They always try and pull up the fear of the white man even when they had the senior Pinder and a few others in their party – and even though their party was founded by the likes of William Cartwright, H.M. Taylor and Cyril Stevenson.

    The only stumbling block in our being One Bahamas is the old grass root die hard PLP’s that see every person of light skin as a UBP Devil.

    Ryan will meet lots of opposition within his own party and won’t have to look far to see the race issue being played out.  Is he strong enough to forge ahead against his own party members?  The old boys that still operate with a 1960’s mentality – That will be seen as time passes.

  3. ryan is indeed a very good choice. but i fear the old boys in charge will shoot him down every time he tries to say something on our behalf.. i dont see him as someone strong enough to stand up amongst those heedens. i mean i have the utmost respect for him. but i am ready for change, im sick of the plp and the fnm, their one in the same if you ask me so cassius stewart is the man to vote for in this by election.

    • Future Leaer: Trust in the Lord and be of good courage. There is no way the FNM can play the race card. The PLP was accused of that in 2007. Times has changed. We grew up from that. The Bahamas is more than the majority we must serve 100%. Cassius Stewart will not be effective because he has proven that he only tackle issues when the political scene is hott. That is not a good sign. Trust me he was in GB the other day and is a real joker. The BDM need true leadership not an opportunist. Ryan Pinder is the right man. The PLP has responded to the people when askedto produce and bring forth youth we did that. Ryan Pinder is what we call a White Bahamian but he is a Bahamian eger to give back what we gave him years ago. Elizabeth desere the best. a young vibrant MP like Ryan Pinder

  4. As a former resident of the Malcom Creek, and one that grew up with Ryan, I am proud and excited for Mr. Pinder. As a matter of fact Rayan was one that inspired me to go to college and I always knew that he wanted to give back to the community in which we grew up. The boys on Lizzie park are proud.

  5. I am most humbe to congratulate Mr. Pinder on every opportunity I have. He was the peoples choice and the PLP responded to the people whom is the voice of God. The FNM in their convention spoke about young people in politics and branded the PLP of being washed up old politicians. Well the PLP dont talk it we bring it. When Mr. Pinder becomes the duly elected member of Parliament for Elizabeth, he will be the youngest serving Member in that Parliament. The PLP will also bring more on or before 2012. As the FNM conrinue to talk hot air, the PLP will bring the water too for once and for all out their torch. The People of Elizabeth will be served by a young vibrant member who really care about them. Even though the FNM as we all know knows nothing about the law, spreading mistruths about Pinder citezenship, he is clear by the constitution to serve and should no question on this ever be raised again. That was a cheap shot of the ignorance of the side opposite. The PLP will continue to stay focus keeping the eyes on the people of this country. the PLP will remain committed to the cause to wipe every tear from every eye. The PLP will return to its philosophy. The country deserves the best that is why it deserves the PLP!!!

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