Saadat and Lewis [URCA] Deliver for their former Employer Careless and WUTLESS!


Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) has confirmed that it is “pleased” with the decision by the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority to clear its proposed transaction for a majority shareholding the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) without referring it on to a second stage process nor seeking to impose conditions on the approval.

Geoff Houston, who is leading Cable & Wireless Communication’s transition team, commented:

“We are extremely pleased that URCA has approved the transaction. We are hopeful that the other approvals required will also be forthcoming and we are very excited about working with the BTC team and the Government to improve telecom services for all the people of The Bahamas.”


  1. run dat dutty stinkin indian out dis kuntry. run all a dem out kuntry jf dey let cable wireliss come here i throwin my phone in da water king, i ain saportin dem.

  2. @ Phillipa Lady Russell

    I believe that you are intimately involved in the process to have Dr. Elwood Donaldson address the nation (as promoted) therefore I submit the following as a matter for your (the presenters) supreme consideration:

    (1) Within this region can you determine it the other telecommunications regulatory agencies is staffed with “foreigners” (like ours).

    (2) Besides in the Bahamas are any other telecommunication regulatory agencies headed by non-nationals?

    (3) How does the salaries of the employees at the regulatory agencies compare with the average national wages in those other jurisdictions?

    If the Bahamas finds itself in a UNIQUE situation (with a foreigners heading the utilities regulatory agency earning pay packages that are multiple times that of its own citizens average yearly income) then what we have here is scandalous and plays right into the conspiracy theory that is now floating about. THIS IS THE KIND OF INFORMATION THAT WILL CAUSE EVEN THE MOST ARDENT FNM SUPPORTER TO SIT UP “STRAIGHT” IN SHOCK.

  3. So, let me see if I can get it? Now that the tourist decline in visitors argument has worn thin, the government had to create a bigger lie to distance the FNM from the economic down spin that they remain clueless to correct. They know the best lie for a capitalist government to sell their supporters on is to spread complete lies that if it were not for those greedy union members, our citizens would not remain jobless. They would have enough money to buy for their families, more than a small bag of rice to last them for a week. There would be less crime because they want to convince you these union people are not really good Bahamians like you and them, because they are prepared to pay and associate with known rapist and murderers, all in their attempt to prevent this government from selling BTC. The late Androsian The Honorable Clearence A. Bain must be turning in his grave and mumbling; “Great God what is this I see being done to my own people, by their own people. They talking to the people just like they are no more than a sack of them Andros crabs.”

  4. @ kevin mckenzie

    I agree with your comments and add the following:

    The “back waters” logic applied by Hubert Ingraham, which says Bahamians cannot deliver decisions that are fair as regulators at URCA must be consistently applied WHENEVER BAHAMIANS ARE INVOLVED IN MAKING DECISIONS.

    THIS MUST MEAN that the deliberations by jurors and judges are always riddled with corruption because justice is inaccessible through our court system.

    THIS MUST MEAN that police statements and reports are not worth the paper that they are printed on because of inbreed corruption.

    THIS MUST MEAN that in the areas within the teaching profession where “profession opinion” is used to evaluate and grade students corruption ALWAYS abounds, so certificates and degrees issued by institutions where Bahamians were involved in the determining process MUST BE TREATED WITH GRAVE SUSPICION. Frankly, you should disregard those certificate and degree holders.

    And what is it about the parliamentarians that sets them as a breed apart. Hmmmmmm, Oh I get it, THEY MUST NOT BE BAHAMIANS.


  5. Back in the day when rude boys were injured after they ignored the advice of the old folks they would look at you on the ground, spit in the dirt and say ,bitch take blow”. We have played around with the wealth of our country. Everyone is getting rich but the Bahamians; everyone has steady jobs and security except Bahamians. Bitch take blow!!

    • @ Michael J. Brown

      I hope that your “Bitch take blow” remark is not directed at the already disrespected, disinfranchised Bahamian people. Firstly, we do not deserve the abuse that has been meted out to us by the psychopaths who were thrust upon us as present decision-makers, all spawns of a leader whom we trusted in 1967 to give us the first Black majority government.

      Who knew at that time that the dream of being first class in the land of one’s birth would be hijacked by the children of parents who sought to escape their own painful reality by using the strategy of the parasitic Cowbird (Molethus Ater)to displace Bahamians while hoisting the Haitian flag?

      Who knew that the “dingy black boy” whom Errington Watkins aptly described would one day, lie, con and trick his way into the Offie of the Prime Minister? Suspending common sense and good judgement,we pitied Hubert Alexander Ingraham because he was ugly and thought it inhumane to discriminate against him because of his lack of formal education or his speech impediment. We pretended not to hear when he pronounced all V’s as W’s and did not bother to investigate reports of his suspicious birth records, nor of his alcoholism, even though his driving record showed numerous fender-benders. We assumed that those opposite this pompous dictator who claimed to represent us, were better suited to uncover the truth and Deliver Us! But again, we were misled!

      No Mr. Brown, the Bahamian people do not deserve your contempt, for we have waged a tremendous fight in the face of insurmountable difficulties to maintain our dignity and unique cultural identity as a gracious, loving and resilient people. Btw, Bahamians invented the game known as: SHOW AND TELL! If you don’t believe me, then just stay tuned!

  6. Digicel has just agreed to purchase CLARO!!!If this deal is approved by the various Jamaican regulation boards this will REDUCE C&W(LIME)MARKET SHARE IN THE JAMAICAN TELEPHONY MARKET TO UNDER 20%.What does this mean to us Bahamians?It means that Bahamian consumers will be paying to keep C&W OPERATING IN JAMAICA!!!Yes, we Bahamians will be subsidizing the SALARIES of Jamaicans while Bahamians employees of BTC WILL BE TERMINATED(FIRED)!!!

  7. I listened to, Mr. D’Aguila on Mr. Jones, show last night he showed no regards for the BTC workers. While there may be some in that corporation who are not pulling their weight(like in many other companies)I find it disheartening that he would paint everyone with the same brush. He even went on to comment that employees are making up to sixty-thousand dollars per year but he never mentioned how many years those employees worked to earn that amount. URCA, is said to have come on stream in 2009 I wonder if Mr. D’Aguila would be so kind as to reveal their salary since he, seems to be in support of their venture to sell BTC.

  8. Its settled ground that the procedure used to select a partner for BTC was flawed. Nothing anyone says can change that.What we are facing now is the prospect of many court actions for what appears to be conflict of interest. In many other countries, the Minister concerned would have resigned by now.The same point is true of the dredging in Exuma National Park. Persons have been arrested and fined for fishing in the park. Yet, permits can be issued for dredging.But notice this; we are fighting about silly politics while the country is being destroyed on all fronts.

  9. Usman Saadat and Marsha Lewis are not the problem,the PROBLEM IS HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM!!!Before URCA came into being in May,2009 the Prime Minister stated that the person who will write the rules and regulation had ALREADY been recruited and he is a foreigner.The Prime Minister further stated that more FOREIGNERS WILL BE HIRED BY URCA.So while Bahamians are being FIRED at URCA more HIGHLY PAID FOREIGNERS ARE BEING HIRED TO DO THE SAME JOBS THAT BAHAMIANS WERE DOING FOR LESS PAY!!!Remember the BURMA ROAD RIOT OF 1942.For those Bahamians who are GULLIBLE i ask them to name one foreigner who heads ANY REGULATION BOARD OR LAW MAKING BODY IN THE USA OR ANY FIRST WORLD OR EMERGING ECONOMY,PLEASE NAME JUST ONE!!!

  10. Another biased story by BP seemingly to add fuel to some diabolical conspiracy theory on the sale of BTC that is strangely only being perpetuated on the airways of one radio station. I have listened day in and day out and there has been no facts and credible evidence to prove any conspiracy or wrongdoing by the government or anyone in it save the hiring of a company to provide HR services to URCA. All the “connect the dots” conspiracy theory has been focused on Mr. Sadaat and to a lesser degree Ms. Lewis’s company. Ms. Lewis is not on the board of URCA so she has no decision making powers matters put before URCA for adjudication. Mr. Sadaat is one among several board members, he does not have the power by himself to approve any matter put before the board. Is it being suggested that all other board members are also “plants” by CWC?

    URCA is a regulatory body and it is governed by an Act of parliament which sets out how it is to consider types of proposals put before it to adjudicate on. It is unlikely that URCA would have not granted approval to the sale based on what it could consider to make its decision:

    that the change in control of BTC from the Government to CWC would not have either of the adverse effects set out in section 72 of the Communications Act 2009 –

    (1) substantially lessening of competition
    (2) for a change in control involving a media public interest, an effect contrary to public interest

    Matters such as change in ownership of a utility company which has to go before URCA as a matter of law has to be approved unless credible evidence is presented to it that would support a denial. I wonder if the conspiracy theorists have submitted all their “facts” to URCA for them to consider?

  11. They approved the sale eh? Usman Sadat had better pack up his bags. He and his co-conspirators in the Foreign National Movement will leave together. Ingraham knew that true Bahamians would have had a problem approving this deal, and that is why he and his masters (paymasters?) at Cable and Wireless conspired to populate URCA with people friendly towards Cable & Wireless. You know his history is that his loyalty has always been to foreign interests. He is useful to them not to us. Once his gravy train is not derailed he is happy. If he is not our agent then whose is he? He even “back-doored” us and brags about how he put these “poison pill” provisions to make it too expensive for a new government to undo. I wonder how much Cable & Wireless paid for that. Christie had better get up off his behind or Bahamians will leave him behind.

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