Sands to Run in Elizabeth By-Election… Malcolm to Resign Wednesday



Nassau, Bahamas — Like the firing of a military cannon, your Bahamas Press has another explosive BREAKING STORY for you on this first day of the New Year.

Breaking news now shattering our newsroom confirm Dr. Dwane Sands, that ARROGANT first cousin of Tommy Turnquest, will be the FNM’s candidate for the Elizabeth constituency in the upcoming by-election.

We’ve also learned, come this Wednesday, Malcolm Adderley will communicate his intent to resign from his PLP seat to the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Alvin Smith, to take up a judgeship offered to him by Hubert Ingraham. Malcolm will be sworn in a week after he relinquishes his seat as the MP for Elizabeth. The move by the SELFISH PLP TURNCOAT will throw the country into an election mode.

Meanwhile, the late again PLP brigade intends to censure Adderley for his failing to come clean with the party’s leadership on his deal with Ingraham. We warned the PLP since December 2007 that Adderley’s decision to remain Chairman of the Gaming Board would come home to hurt the Party and further tailspin the organization into chaos. They never heeded our advice.

ingraham4aBP has learned Sands was greeted with the news just hours ago and has been ordered by Party Leader, Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, to join the ground team already in motion headed by CarlUNDERNOURSHIEDBethel.

The FMN source told BP, “Sands was selected because he has the independent wealth to finance his own campaign added to the money machine of the FNM on standby ready to match.”

Sands will spend, we understand, more than half-a-million dollars of his own funds to secure the seat for the FNM. Money we know, gathered off the backs of the poor sick people in the country. Sands, you would also remember was the same shady FNM goon, who rejected the call for a National Health Insurance Plan to benefit those very poor sick people of Elizabeth, who he now seeks to represent. WE CRY SHAME!

Bahamas Press will now endorse BRADLEY ROBERTS and call on him to come WHOLESALE out of POLITICAL RETIREMENT and deliver a ROYAL CUTYOUKNOWWHAT on Sands and the MUGABE DRIVEN FNM! We would have to endorse His Excellency Joshua Sears had the FNM choose to run him. Instead, we will throw the full weight of Bahamas Press behind the candidacy of Bradley Roberts as the PLP standard bearer in the constituency.

We also call on all young persons attaining the age of 18 since 2007 to register to vote! Shortly following Malcolm’s resignation on Wednesday, Ingraham will prorogue Parliament.

Christie junkanooOur sources on the ground in Elizabeth tell us, MALCOLM ADDERLEY was the worse MP to grace the hallowed and august halls of Parliament, and we cannot wait to see the back of him! He should have carried his WUTLESS ARSE LONG TIME! This Christmas pass we have not heard a word from our MP. He’s not even spoken to his Chairman for two years, and we have not heard boo from him. He needs to go now!”

Sources on the ground of Elizabeth added, “We need someone like the Hon. Bradley Roberts who knows how to represent people. Roberts says what we can’t for ourselves.”

Persons in the Adderley camp has informed BP that Adderley will come out of hiding on Sunday and inform Christie of his intentions.

It Ain’t LONGNAH’! And the People of Elizabeth will soon see CHANGE!


  1. Notwithstanding we are in what is defined as the greatest economic challenge since the great depression, if this bar election comes down to pocket value then you middle class and poor as-es need to suffer. Money won the 2007 elections also; but I humbly make my point, ” show me the money”  (tings ruffer dan it ever been)…I agree the PLP needs to do a better job at resolving their in house matters and needs to stop this SH_ T of fighting for power and position publically. To my knowledge Bradley, Jerome and Ryan are all on good talking terms and this is not the time nor place for this.  What the PLP needs to do is stop the infiltration of political terrorist in its party. If you know that you are not loyal to a party then why become a part of it. Malcom Adderley, Kenyatta Gibson, Hubert Ingraham and the likes are all political terrorist. However, I give them the indignity of referring to them simply as “PT’S”….There is no just reason for really any precinct, or constituency to reward the free national movement with a bar election victory. BP, this is more than fire crackers and bragging rights. This is about the friggin future man!!!!! Let’s stop playing games and throw our support behind a single political party and be clear of our position. There is no media outlet that possesses the power and influence like BAHAMAS PRESS….I agree the BDM is becoming a serious contender and the truth be told, it “is becoming” not have becomed…. If BP wants to dibble-dabble and support the PLP one day and give mis signals another day then go ahead support the failed policies of this vindictive fnm government. At the end of the day you won’t even have money to run your website. Things are becoming worst in this country by the minute and these are no time for games. Now let’s be clear, does BP support the PLP or the fnm in the upcoming BAR election?Finally we are warning Duane Sands now!!!!!!! Make you medical records before mounting a political platform…. “we gat ya files buddy… and we know you been takin alot a sh_ t”…..

    • Johnny Tucker: why you use the word “bar” and not by. Is it becasue you want to go for some free drink again. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You should know Johnney Turker Bahamas support no political Party. Our support is based on individuals who bring integrity to the JOB. We are for Change!

      Now if you have those file for Dr. Sands, PLEASE SEND THEM TO BP! We will expose!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

      • The New York Times does it, the Boston Globe does it, The Tribune(nassau bahamas) does it  every major daily endorses a candidate or a political party.  Why can’t BP????

        • Ahhhhhhh JT you see how we bringing CHANGE to this country? Tell them, BP is batting at 1000%.

          Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. Bradley Roberts on Malcolom Adderley as per The Nassau Guardian…“From all indications it appears as though that is likely to come to a head pretty soon. And that old saying that, you know, the monkey soon put a question to his ma’, well that will evolve very soon and be determined very shortly in this chairman’s (LEADER’S) humble opinion,” said Roberts yesterday at a news conference at PLP Headquarters…BRAD ROBERTS  is the leader of the PLP!!!!!

  3. What a story! OMGOONESS! While the PLP is ‘Chillaxin’ on that TURNCOAT name Malcolm Adderley, the grandmaster of politics, Hubert Ingraham, proves once again he’s in charge.

    Now they know Bahamas Press is a formidable media voice in this Country. We warned yall and no one ever heeded!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. the fnm seem nervous??? lol…the fnm are controlling the seat and have not even won it yet…bdm or ndp – why do people even waste time talking about these parties – ingraham beats christie once again!  where is christie by the way…what a choice to make as leader of a prty…someone who can never find their voice…sad, Sad, SAD! actually, maybe BRAD should run and take over the leadership from the pussycat…pussycat need to go man!!!

  5. I’m disappointed in both persons running. One I feel Bradley Roberts is only running just because the party needs this seat/bi-elections win. I feel like Bradley only wants to WIN Instead of fix problems in this area. NOW for the FNM candidate I dont know this guy yet but he has HIS WORK CUT out to get my darn vote. Im going by BP’s analysis about the CHEAP WICKED man but I have to see things for myself to come to any sort of conclusion. Im waiting to see who will run in BDM or NDP parties.

  6. PLP going to lose in Elizabeth, Christie has to go and this will be a way to get him out or at least convince him it is time to go!! Young Pinder and Fitzgerald your time will come soon! Don’t waste your money in Elizabeth, FNM will have too much! Get together and give Christie his walking ticket!! Lousy, Lousy!!!

  7. BP the only thing that I have a problem with is when you say that HI will prorogue parliament shortly after Adderley’s notice because HI clearly stated that those committees will have to report before the end of January because he will prorogue parliament around that time…

  8. Sour grapes so soon? We told you long time to join the good guys, but your head too hard Mr. Pinder.  You are going to get shaft!

  9. There might be someone in Elizabeth that wants Bradley Roberts, but there are many that would also endorse other candidates.  We will ultimately see what the candidates committee decides.  It will be a decision that provides proof of the future of the party.

  10. I would be shocked if Bradley Roberts runs in the by election.  He has promised and sworn up and down he is not entering Parliamentary politics again.

    • Didn’t Hubert Mugabe Ingraham say he would not return? Didn’t he say he was retired and was a Grand Papi? Well my brudda, the people of Elizabeth will speak and they want ROBERTS. The loudest voice the PLP now has.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

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