Sarkis now owns da Minnis Government and is now inside Government House while yinner can’t get through the door!


Could this be another RIP-off or Bankruptcy coming?

Will now Minnis sell Bahamar to Sarkis and secure the termination of all 1600 employees?
Sarkis inside Government House to witness the country’s 4th Prime Minister Swearing-in while Da People were not invited!

Nassau, Bahamas – The man who bankrupts Bahamar twice then bankrolled the FNM chanting “It’s the People’s Time” has now parked up in da People’s House at Government House as if he was large and in-charge of the FNM.

The failed hotelier showed up with his bankrolled FNM candidates who all won in the May 10th General Elections.

Sarkis and Louis Bacon are now on the way to see what they can do to control the Minnis Government.

Prime Minister Minnis told the country he will sell Bahamar? One must wonder if he will now sell it to Sarkis! We ga see!

They chanted all across the Bahamas ‘IT’s DA PEOPLE’S TIME’, but while the people were outside the Ballroom of Government House [cannot get in] Sarkis and the money crew were inside gleefully celebrating how they had tricked da people.

Boy, I tell ya, what a time!

We report yinner decide!


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