Save da Bays Win? Da Bahamian People Lost!


Da People Now Must Pay Save Da Bays!

The Minnis Cabinet

A Constitutional Crisis Develops!

Nassau, Bahamas – Just barely four weeks into government, Dr. Minnis already managed to lead his FNM government into constitutional crisis and a case of payback corruption all in one felt swoop. The decision of the FNM government to drop the Supreme Court appeal on Parliamentary privilege is double wammy for the FNM government.

Firstly, by dropping the appeal, the court will award costs to Save The Bays, payable by the public treasury since Fitzgerald and Mitchell in their capacities as Government Ministers served. Is this payment to Fred Smith and STB election payback for the nasty and dirty work done by STB on behalf of the FNM? And why is Fred Smith in the media announcing this unprecedented decision that strikes at the foundation of our parliamentary democracy, that ancient institution that represents the the freest form of our democratic expression.

Secondly, are the bounds of privilege enjoyed by Parliamentarians since 1066 now bound and restricted by a first ruling of a lower court?

Do FNM parliamentarians fully understand and appreciate the scope and range of parliamentary privilege? They appear not to understand this ancient pillar of our parliamentary democracy.

If parliamentarians are muted and restricted in what they can say on our behalf in Parliament, then how much more are our freedoms of expression restricted as citizens?

I report…yinner decide!