Scandalous URCA Moves to “Investigate” Gems and take Steve McKinney off the airways of the Bahamas!


URCA representative Cecil Whitfield son of Bahamian National Hero Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield. They sent the son of a Freedom Fighter and advocate for FREE SPEECH AND DEMOCRACY to stifle free speech. Photo By Rodney Moncur

Nassau Bahamas – Before URCA tries to enforce roles, they must first examine its own SCANDALOUS CONFLICTS AND SMACKS OF COLLUSION, cause someone needs to go to jail!

Bahamas Press stands appalled to learn of the despicable, ‘vicked’, and violent actions of the Ingraham Government in its attempts to shut down media in the country and stifle free speech. A few weeks ago they beta tested the blocking of to all locals here in the country and now today they are attempting to topple and censure host of Hard Copy, Steve McKinney.

‘Horrifiably’ so, the move comes just hours following Ingraham’s GESTAPO seizure of items from the offices of Robinhood on Tonique Darling Highway. WHAT MADNESS!

Yesterday, BP reported the move to topple Steve Mckinney off a private radio station, and even we could not believe what we heard. Some thought what we reported were indeed all lies and others just could not believe the Bahamas and its DICTATOR had sunk to this lowlevel to stifle free speech.

Yall would remember how Ingraham and his ‘VICKED’ regime played their palm-reading hands and forced the termination of Freeport News Editor Oswald Brown. Yall should also remember how they in a similar GESTAPO move, fired over 92 workers at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas; just weeks before Christmas! For months, they have attempted every trick in the book to get rid of BP and now, they are going after Gems radio station and Hard Copy host, Steve McKinney. Nevertheless, WHY you might ask?

Steve, ‘yinner’ would remember, was the one who exposed the ‘DUTTY’ ‘DINGY’ hot mess happening up at URCA! He raked the bed sheets off the regulation authority, charged with regulating the media in the country, and exposed how one USMAN SAADAT and MARSHA LEWIS shared a common employer named Cable and Wireless. Both now are working at URCA firing Bahamians while the FOREIGN NATIONAL MOVEMENT headed by a spirit similar of one Idi Amin Dada, PAPA! However, here’s what happened though.

URCA, with ‘dey’ bad ‘sef’, decided to send the son of a NATIONAL HERO, Sir Wallace Whitfield [God Rest his soul], into Gems 105.9 FM to begin “INVESTIGATIONS” at the station on behalf of the Authority.

Tyrant Idi Amin Dada. His greatest contribution to mankind was when he left the earth!

They [URCA], sited infractions by the station and have decided to come for specific tapings of a show aired by Hard Copy, a private syndicated programme.

We understand prior to the visit by URCA, however, a public relations company made similar requests before Thursday’s assult on democracy, but after leaving unassisted, then came the BIG BAD WOLF! “THAT” PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM we are advised are the same representatives for “The Dredgers” in the Exuma Land and Sea Park, Cable and Wireless and allegedly, the Bahamas National Trust. What an incestuous group!

With members of the Worker’s Party waiting for URCA outside Gems yesterday, a lawyer for the station waited inside for the rep. for the Government to appear. When Whitfield arrived, he came face-to-face with Gems legal counsel, Randy Dorsett of Graham Thompson and Co., who quizzed the URCA man on matters of law and protocol. It was then when Whitfield became ashamed and embarrassed, he left the station. Look how Papa makes a good man like like the son Sir Cecil embarrassed again.

This same Steve McKinney you should know, was the one who unveiled the dredging up in Bell Island; a protected space, exposing along with the deal the ‘criminal’ donation of a $1 million contribution committed to the Bahamas National Trust.

Popular Talkshow host Steve McKinney now victimize by a spiteful VINDICTIVE FNM Government.

Journalists around the world should note something has terribly gone wrong in the Bahamas, and we call on our affiliates to take interest in these developments. The ‘WUTLESS’ MEDIA in the Bahamas has gone asleep fast at the wheel, especially when it comes to Corruption by the FNM [THEY SNORING]. Some member of the profession have been caught giving last rites to a good story; committing SCANDALOUS articles to the grave with a shovel still clinched in their hands. THEY HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!

Something has gone terribly wrong in the Bahamas!

What country in the world you know would pay the entire press to come to a Convention, have the political Party tell them what to say, when to say it and how to dress while there? ONLY A JACKASS in the Bahamas would allow their profession to deteriorate to the gutter!

But now Papa and his goons’ squad are on Steve and the silence by the press is deafening. They picking at Steve McKinney who has children to feed, a wife to care for and a ‘lil’ granddaughter to look after; left without her mother. DAS HOW THE FNM DOES TREAT BAHAMIANS!


URCA's Letter to Gems 105.9.

BP’s Theme Song to describe the FNM and Hubert Ingraham…


  1. Cheryl Grant Bethel claimed that PAPA threatened to bloody her face;Schaeffer was called someone not fit to be in this country;many persons were fired by Papa,Tonight on Fort Charlotte PAPA will speak again so everyone get your tape recorders ready for whatever he says .Its showtime and possibly threats being spewed from Papas mouth.I understand that many persons are holding parties tonight as they expect only the worse to come from Papas mouth.Papa needs to stop talking about a matter b4 the Courts as thats called contempt of Court.10/45 better tell him to keep quiet b4 Mona vie is discussed again,and plagiarism(loretta Butler Turner).

  2. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION OF THE TRUTH IS LIMITED. IS THERE A TRANSFER OF POWER UNKNOWN THAT BAHAMIANS ARE THE LAST TO KNOW ABOUT.WOULD IT BE THAT IMPUNITY IS THE WAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE COVERED AND ALL OTHERS WOULD FACE THE WRATH AND FURY. WOULD IT BE DEFINED OTHERWISE AND COULD IT BE THAT….Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as, “one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics — against his own people as well as others”. In common usage, the word “tyrant” carries connotations of a harsh and cruel ruler who places his or her own interests or the interests of a small oligarchy over the best interests of the general population, which the tyrant governs or controls. Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, from Ancient Greek: ???pt?? (thief) and ???t?? (rule), is a term applied to a government subject to control fraud that takes advantage of governmental corruption to extend the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats), via the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service. The term means “rule by thieves”. Not an “official” form of government (such as democracy, republic, monarchy, theocracy) the term is a pejorative for governments perceived to have a particularly severe and systemic problem with the selfish misappropriation of public funds by those in power.Kleptocracies are generally associated with corrupt forms of authoritarian governments, particularly dictatorships, oligarchies, military juntas, or some other form of autocratic and nepotist government in which no outside oversight is possible, due to the ability of the kleptocrat(s) to personally control both the supply of public funds and the means of determining their disbursal. Kleptocratic rulers typically treat their country’s treasury as though it were their own personal bank account, spending the funds on luxury goods as they see fit. Many kleptocratic rulers also secretly transfer public funds into secret personal numbered bank accounts in foreign countries in order to provide them with continued luxury if/when they are eventually removed from power and forced to flee the country.Kleptocracy is most common in third-world countries where the economy (often as a legacy of colonialism) is dominated by resource extraction. Such incomes constitute a form of economic rent and are therefore easier to siphon off without causing the income itself to decrease (for example, due to capital flight as investors pull out to escape the high taxes levied by the kleptocrats).An early phase of this is driven by tenderpreneur elites who seek to capture resources for personal benefit.The effects of a kleptocratic regime or government on a nation are typically adverse in regards to the faring of the state’s economy, political affairs and civil rights. Kleptocracy in government often vitiates prospects of foreign investment and drastically weakens the domestic market and cross-border trade. As the kleptocracy normally embezzles money from its citizens by misusing funds derived from tax payments, or money laundering schemes, a kleptocratically structured political system tends to degrade nearly everyone’s quality of life.In addition, the money that kleptocrats steal is often taken from funds that were earmarked for public amenities, such as the building of hospitals, schools, roads, parks and the like – which has further adverse effects on the quality of life of the citizens living under a kleptocracy. The quasi-oligarchy that results from a kleptocratic elite also subverts democracy (or any other political format the state is ostensibly under).Narcokleptocracy-A narcokleptocracy is a society ruled by “thieves” involved in the trade of narcotics.

  3. @ joey


    Sandy Schaefer commented on how the road works project has IMMEDIATELY NEGATIVELY IMPACTED THE TRAFFIC FLOW TO HIS NEW STORE (PRINCE CHARLES DRIVE) just like the other business owners interviewed in the same news story, but he is singled out for ridicule. This was designed to have a “chilling effect” on all other business owners, because Ingraham knows that this complaint is a prelude to legal action. In law there is something called PRESIDENCE. This means that the courts have allowed certain cases before (and have ruled in certain ways before). Do you remember the Blue Hill Road business owners complaint, then protest marches, then law suit (which was entirely successful, requiring the government to compensate them for earnings lost – perhaps in the millions of dollars by now)? Ingraham being mindful that Schaefer has the deep pockets (like Rupert Roberts has and acted to finance the legal cost of the other group) is attempting to intimidate him (Schaefer) into inaction because another legal lost would cost even the most ardent FNM followers to question the project under its current management (by the government). The new Robin Hood Store cost more than 5 million dollars. If the government has to buy that from him or compensate him for losses incurred that will be a pretty penny. It is a scare tactic designed to cause him not to bank roll the legal action that Ingraham sees on the horizon. Plain and simple.

    • i agree….and just for having robin hood raided, if i were schaffer, when ever customs and the police bring back my computers…..i would issue a law suit against the prime minister for making the comments he made, and, i would also issue a suit against the government for damages to my business and seek compensation. but atleast, i would sue ingrahm for defamation of character….especially if nothing is found to be credible to warrant seizure of my equipment.

  4. a big grey ass man like ingrum on the air dissing these investor ingrum than run baha mar first partner now he f__ing with the only people that hire bahamians what wrong with this mooron so call pm he is mentally sick. what a doosh bag. and all of them ballsless fnm mp all a them need a good cut ass for being so stupid letting one monster ruined they future .

    • Wizard,yall call ingrum party the foreign national movement yall say ingrum dont believe in bahamianisation,yall say ingrum is kiss up to the white man,yall say ingrum like things foriegn,but na yall change saying ingrum should’nt have done what he did to the foreigner.Ingrum kick the foriegn white man in his butt to show yall what is being said about him and his party is not so.
      Now yall against what he did to the robin hood foreign white man now yall singing a different tone. Make up ya mind what side ya going to be on ,ya cant be in the middle.ya cant be for the foreign white man when it is not politically correct and for him when it suits your purpose.

      • ingrahm only against shaeffer because he complained about the road works. any one that disagrees with anything the maximum leader, the dictator, the imbecile, the un-patriotic leader of this country says or does is liable for victimization.

  5. Mr Charles Maynard own’s Corner Motel, how is it that Social Service can rent rooms from the Corner Motel for the fire victims of Fergusons Subdivision. Is this a conflict of interest ?




    WHO IS THE VIRTUAL COMPLAINANT IN THIS MATTER? This is the salient point of the moment. By NOT DEMANDING THAT THERE ARE REAL REASONS FOR THE EXERCISE OF CERTAIN POWERS WHEN SUCH IS USED we are nurturing an environment where intimidation and victimization can grow unchecked, and no one should want us to regress to that point again. ONLY THE MOST FOOLISH PUT SUCH ABUSES BEYOND POSSIBILITY – REMEMBER WATER GATE AND PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON.

    You guy come across as UNEXPOSED. Have you ever lived in a first world or highly developed country, preferrably in the USA or Canada, where civil rights flourish and those “rights” trump all political leanings? If no, then therein lies the problem (lack of exposure). This small fish bowl is just that – a small fish bowl (and we all know that only a SMALL FISH can comfortably live in a small fish bowl – speaking about mentality). Do you agree?

  7. I have long believed that too many radio stations in the Bahamas would cause chaos in the country. There is no logical reason why a small country like ours needs so many. That is, until you realize that many of the Licenses granted were for political reasons.Indeed, three stations transmit from the same building. But, stations need ads to survive; they get these ads through promotions some of which are too outrageous to mention. The FNM is reaping what it has sown. They have abused the truth for far too long. But as the saying goes” you can bend it and twist it, you can misuse it and abuse it, but even God cannot change the truth”.

  8. @high flyer.
    Yes some of us love to stand up and shout injustice before going through the proper channels, but the same is true about you and your maximum leader who from all indication appears to be above the law and we continues to support his lawessness. What do you expect others to do when face with the kind of laweness exhibited the some one who is supposed to be “Honorable”

  9. Sadat’s question of eligibility is different than that of URCA requesting copies of Steve McKinney’s show. URCA is an organisation. If any member of the public files a complaint against a licensed body, URCA (not Saddat) is required to investigate. Has BP ever questioned whether URCA has investigated complaints against any other radio stations? or are we just trying to get a desired result by screaming “victimisation” against MR. Mckinney? If enough people file a complaint against 100JAMZ on something valid, I will bet you that URCA will investigate it in the same way (this is why radio stations are required to keep copies of their broadcasts as a term of their license)

    We as a people love to stand up and shout injustice before ever attempting to go through the proper channels.

  10. I am one of those who bwliwvw in freedom of speech. Let or allow anyone to say as the wish and if it is not true, then there must be penalties. It appears as though every word uttered from the mouths of Steve Mckinney and Dr. Elwood Donaldson if not true is hitting at the very core of the FNM Government. If they have evidence to support what the naysayers are saying is not true, then to every action is a reaction.
    With regard to URCA , as a citizen of the Bahamas I will only vote for the individual who is prepared to back any Government who comes up with a commission of inquiry to investigate how Sadaat got into the country, how he landed the job he has and how is it that he have the powers to investigate a Bahamian when infact the investigation shoild be about him. My representive must agree that if found wanton, Those responsible must be prosecuted and if found guilty, to jail and deportation.
    There must be an example set by the people of the Bahamas.

  11. It is obvious from the letter that URCA is investigating Steve McKinney, and this must happen because someone complained about what was said, I support freedom of speech and where their may be violators, this is the reason for Courts and the Law. Only cowards throw rocks and hide their hand, this is a classic case, whoever the bullies, take the matter to court, have it proven by Law that whatever your disagreement is is brought out, and if your victorious the Bahamas and people will know. If it was Steve he will suffer, and if it is not “Whoever is hiding will be exposed for all to see”, it is so sad when one claims to open the airwaves and try suppress a few because of dislike.
    Then it appears that frustration breadths violence, the reaction to various happenings [as see by me] in relation to our P M response/s, seems like the actions of the Actor from the two and a half men series.
    What is to become of us????????????

  12. BP; this is no surprise to anyone in the country, is it? I certainly knew all along that URCA was set up as a tool for INGRAHAM to use against who he perceives as his political enemies. I’ll bet you anything that URCA will never question any of the media outlets if they are singing Ingraham’s tunes. Ingraham certainly did not put the Agency in place to control what he does. The man is a piss-head dictator as far as I am concerned; a piece of TRASH that the country will burn with that same TORCH of his in the next election.
    I saw Zhivargo Laing transporting persons to register, apparently, yesterday so when you see that you know the ringing of the bell is eminent. I noted, as well, he was driving the taxpayers’ red licence plate vehicle. I hope the gas and other repairs are deducted from that huge $10,000.00 per month salary he gets. Why should we pay for him to campaign?

  13. URCA is mandated by law to investigate complaints against all licensees. If BP files a formal complaint against the “wutless” media Radio House then URCA will also have to investigate. If they refuse BP may have a point, but until such time this is just business as usual and is spelled out in the Terms & Conditions when getting a broadcasting license.

    There has to be some order to the airwaves that everybody subscribes to

  14. Bahamapundit/realist, you ever heard of the principal in law where libel and slander is concerned that goes “he who alleges must prove”? If anything Steve has said is libel or slander, then his accusers bear the burden of proof. Is Usman Sadat not a former employee of Cable and Wireless? Yes. Is Usman Sadat also a part of the privatizaiton committee? Yes. Is Marsha Lewis still employed at Cable and Wireless while working at URCA? Yes.

    We need to find out if what BP is saying about URCA blocking websites is true. Now that would be the end of it if so.

  15. @ bahamianrealist
    If any remark Mr. Mckinney was making about any organization was slanderous they would have the option to file suit against him. Obviously that has not happenned to date. He speaks and says that he has supporting documents. They say he slander them but no law suit is file.. Go figure. URCA is a regulatory organization who has such a pristine record of exercising fairness and honesty that their action in this instance should not be questioned. NOT

  16. It is no doubt that BP would turn this into the Mr. Ingraham trying to victimize Mr. McKinney, that is expected nowadays (the silly season has begun).

    Where in URCA’s letter is any instruction to shut-down Hardcopy?
    Ans: Nowhere

    Some have become so accustomed to spewing baseless, fact-less nonsense on the internet that have forgotten that the radio airwaves do not yet have such freedom.

    Quite frankly I expected a law suit to be served to Gems 105.9, Steve McKinney and Hardcopy based on the continuous barrage of slanderous remarks on organizations and individuals being made by Mr. McKinney over the past few months on his show. The radio waves still have the requirement of truth when making statements about an organization’s or individual’s character or actions.

    If Mr.Kinney has evidence to support all that he has uttered on his show then there is no URCA or lawyer or Prime Minister that can silence him.

    • Ignorant, remember the Tribune’s Insight ran by John Marquis (lousy and not worthy to be called a journalist)?
      Remember how URCA tried to silence the opposition during operation Lizzy?
      Wake up and be not fooled!
      There is nothing further to say!

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