Scenes from todays NOMINATION DAY around the country!


John Chipman walks and endorsed Christie over his grandson in the FNM!

John Chipman walked and endorsed Perry Christie this morning along with Fernly Palmer and wife Mrs. Christie.

Bahamas – Today we take note how in the newspapers today Aliv decided to make sure we are branded at “FAKE NEWS”. The Punch went further to call us the official PLP Propaganda page. Well this is good!

Now that we know that the PLP gave the country ALIV, and that seeing that we don’t have any love for ALIV DEM, but Love the PLP, we know this fact makes us a credible valuable news source. THIS IS GREAT!

As for the ‘WUTLESS DUTTY TERLET PAPER DEM’ we say this: YES WE AT BP support the PLP! And YES, we want the thousands of LOYAL NATIONWIDE SUPPORTERS TO LOG ONTO OUR PAGES AT Or join BP thousands on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, AND SHARE with your official news source for all reliable credible PLP news and information.

Let dese ‘dutty’ papers dem – sponsored by Louis Bacon’s SAVE DA BAYS and the FNM – KNOW THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE NEWS SOURCE in the COUNTRY! LET DEM KNOW WE GAT DEY WATERS ON!

Let dem know Bahamas Press is lock and loaded to show dem the time! WE HAVE TAKEN OVER!!!!

We support da PLP and dey support da FNM! DEY ARE THE FNM PROPAGANDA PAPERS! FORWARD!!!!!

We report yinner decide!

Philip Brave Davis along with wife Ann and supporters following nomination on Cat Island.

Southern Shores candidate Kenred Dorsett is in the gate!

Southern Shores Candidate Ken Dorsett

Ann Davis and TEAM BRAVE on Cat Island.

Michael Halkitis and TEAM GOLDEN ISLES

PM Christie and Mrs. Christie in Centreville this morning

TEAM Centerville

Clay Sweeting taken to register by TEAM North Eleuthera.

Obie Wilchcombe walking with TEAM WEST END AND BIMINI.

Leslie Miller puts his hat in the race for Tall Pines.



SOUTH ANDROS delivers Picewell Forbes into the box.

TEAM EVA Bain in South Abaco.

Bamboo Town’s next MP Greg Burrows and Team BAMBOO!

Arnold Forbes makes his way into nomination.

I Chester Cooper and team EXUMA and Ragged Island all GOLD!