Second suspect in the shooting of police officer Fernander captured

Clayton Fernander

Bahamians police now has that second suspect who is alleged to have opened fire on C/o Clayton Fernander last week.

Sources confirmed to Bahamas Press 21-year-old Lynden Josey was arrested in the Collins Ave. area just after 7:15pm on Friday. His other alleged partner in the crime a 23-year old was picked up in the Faith Gardens area.

Both men are alleged to have open fire on the top cop Thursday night seriously opening fire and hitting a hail of bullets into his hand.

Fernander was airlifted to the US for further treatment. Police commissioner Ellison Greenslade described the incident as “Life Changing” for Fernander.

Police raid and shutdown more clubs…

An overnight operation by officers of the Central Division resulted in three (3) clubs being shut down, twelve (12) people arrested for various offences and thirty-five (35) drivers being cited for various traffic infractions.

The operation was conducted between the hours of 6:00 pm on Friday 12thApril, 2013and 4:00 am on Saturday 13th April, 2013 in the Central Divisional boundary.

The clubs, two (2) of which are located on East Street and a third on Mackey Street were ordered closed after they were found in breech of the Liquor Licence Act.


In keeping with the Commissioner of Police 2013 policing plan, “Reducing Violence and driving down the fear of crime” officers of the Mobile Division conducted operation “Blitz”. The operation was conducted on Friday 12th April, 2013 in the areas of East Street,Rock Crusher, Okra Hill, Kemp Road, Chippingham and Village Road and resulted in one hundred and fifty-nine (159) drivers being cited for various traffic infractions and seven (7) people arrested on outstanding Criminal Warrants of Apprehension.

New Providence Police investigate stabbing and double shooting incidents

Police investigate double shooting incident –  Police are investigating a shooting incident that has left two (2) males in hospital.

The incident reportedly occurred around 11:13 pm on Saturday 13th April, 2013 at Fowler Street off East Street.

Both males were taken to hospital where one of them is detained in critical condition and the other in stable condition.

At present the circumstances surrounding this incident is unknown. Active police investigations continue.

Police investigate stabbing incidents –  Police are investigating two separate stabbing incidents that have left two (2)males in hospital.

Both incidents reportedly occurred on Sunday 14th April, 2013 as a result of an altercation and resulted in both males being stabbed multiple times to the body.

The first incident reportedly occurred around 2:30 am at Guinep Street, Pinewood Gardens and the second incident around 3:35 am at Nassau Street.

Both victims were taken to hospital where at present their conditions are unknown. Active police investigations continue.