Security Officers FIRED for sexually molesting a young girl from COB!


One of the officers have yet to show up for work!

The College of the Bahamas!

How come this report haven’t made the news yet?

Nassau, Bahamas — Two security officers have lost their jobs at  the leading tertiary institution; The College of the Bahamas on  Friday after they did the unthinkable to a young student they were  suppose to be protecting.

Bahamas Press understands the young student on scholarship decided to change her boyfriend’s oil [have sex] in the back of the CHMI building earlier this week.

Well, just when they were about to get passionate and raw, two Junkanoo-costume-looking security officers caught the couple and decided they wanted to get piece of the action.

Both men, after chasing off the young boy, then ordered the student in a back room and told the young girl that, in order to keep her scholarship [LIKE THEY KNOW WHAT SCHOLARSHIP IS], she would have to show them her breasts, bend over and spread her legs while kissing up on them or else! WELL HOLY COW – what in da devil is this?

According to documents now recorded in CDU, the young student was forced to comply before being released.

Bahamas Press wonders what kinds of vetting does COB apply when hiring security personal? And we wonder, had there been a sexual offenders registry, whether they would have made the list? You know we gata really put this town in order.

HOW SAFE IS COB? Since the attack no warning has come from the College nor has any notice for students to be cautious while on campus.

At last report, one of the suspects, was still being questioned at  CDU! The other we understand was still missing in action.


We report yinner decide!