Senior FNM implicated as conspirator to Human Trafficking tonight


A haitian sloop the sign of illegals flocking the Bahamas.


Harbour Island, Bah. — Officials from the United Nations should now place special attention on the trafficking of human refugees for a planned general elections soon to be held in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press can confirm in an update on that Haitian vessel now docked at this hour at a port on Harbour Island for processing. We can confirm a number of the illegal women are pregnant and at this hour are being taken to the island’s clinic for processing.

BP can confirm the number of persons on the vessel counted have been reduced from initial reports of 200 to 106 live persons. Voyagers account they have been on the seas for the past 5 to 8 days.

One  man operating the vessel has confirmed some of the illegals were ordered to jump off the vessel in an attempt to swim to land and evade police, however, some we have been advised have died. This number is not known to BP.

Agents of the government have now questioned the captain, who has implicated a senior general of the government to have orchestrated the voyage to North Eleuthera tonight.

Bahamas Press can tell you there is no Immigration official present at the scene of this already international story, however, we can confirm there are a heavy presence of police officers on the island.

BP will announce that name of that FNM general in a later report. Standby….


  1. First of all if I didn’t know any better I would think this is a place it America?? Who are these people at the shore? I see no natives! Where are the local’s of the Island?? They are just as bad as the people allowing this move to happen. When the Haitian arrive the Islanders have such a shortage of men the women and happy to accommodate these illegal man to satisfy their own needs. Some are having children with them. The men are sneaking around at night sleeping with the women , especially the younger generation. It’s a crying shame our once beautiful Island know look and smell like little Haiti, just when you arrive at the dock they are out in full force speaking their language with each other loudly and then I have to wonder if I’m intruding on their soil. As a Bahamian WTH is going on?? Harbour Island and Abaco have been overrun by these people for years. WHY because the people are too SLACK rather than reporting these illegal person they welcome them. Check Long Island not one Illegal Haitian as a matter of fact, there are NONE there I’m told. People get your ACT together or row out in the harbour Via the East side back to Africa!

  2. trust me kim, they will have someone taking these haitians to vote and they no just where to vote and mark they x. this is sick to know we as bahamians will not choose the next govt. u want see some chit try touch them and watch how the police will do u! ya see what happen to the woman down town she got her shoulder brake by a will known FNM inspector so those fnm police will be out in full force to make sure them haitians vote!! ‘don’t blame me i vote PLP’ THIS HOW THE WIN THE LAST ELECTION 500 A VOTE IN NASSAU VILLAGE.

  3. With all the human smuggling going on throughout our islands especially in GB and Bimini all we do is ship these people back to their home countries… but the Bahamians who run these rings and who harbour these illegals and run them into America — they are never caught and never brought to a court. Why? Is there even a law against aiding and abetting these people or harbouring them or smuggling them. I don’t think so cuz no one is ever arrested. Its a joke. If I have dope in my house I get arrested. Or a gun. but if you find ten illegal immigrants in my house its OK. We cant be serious.

  4. I hope that those pregnant woman be shipped to Nassau as early as possible to be processed and shipped right back to HAITI. There’s just too much of undocumented childrenn as it now stands, We need to take a stand that when these illegals give birth and once the doctor give to okay for their release, they be deported home. This is the loop hole that has gotten this country in the state as it is now with illegals. The bahamian govt dont worth horse mess. The FNM govt need to quit here and take up residence in Haiti because they care more about these people than us Bahamians. They all needs to leave on the next REPATRIATION FLIGHT. Who dont have a seat, sit in the aisle of the plane. They dont need no seatbelt anyway,

    • Willow you are correct, and to add insult to injury, these same ja**a**es will sit in parliament 18 years from now and cry that these same illegal stateless people should be given Bahamian passports because it wasn’t the child’s fault that their parent had them here in the Bahamas.

      This is why we advocate more marines down in Inagua, invest in top of the line radar systems, even though they are expensive, so that law enforcement can detect objects at sea whether they are making 1 knot or 50 knots. Build more living quarters at Mayaguana, Inagua and the southern islands for the RBDF and invest in two-three planes, possibly two helos for 24/7 survillence to curb drug/human trafficking. Equipment them with inFra Red technology so that illegal activity can be seen at night.

      It makes no sense stamping legitimate travel at the ports, airports for entry/re-entry/departures when in fact illegals can get on a sloop or go-fast boat, come here and just go about their merry way and dissapear like vapor into one of the shanty towns. What type of Mickey Mouse-Scrabble Game we playing???

      Just for votes?

      Well By Dam, Nassau Gone Funky Eh?

  5. I would hope any Gov. would not use immigrants for voting purposes, I mean how would that look an immigrant going to the poles to cast a vote, can’t speak english but on the line as same as the Bahamian
    will that fly ????

    • Real Bahamian: How could the illegal Haitians vote? Do you think they are being taught in Haiti before they enter? If they can’t speak English, how could they vote, they will have to be taught what to do by someone who lives here and speaks their language…..they will have to attend classes on how to vote and who to vote for… If all of this is true, this WILL back fire on those who fixed this plan. There is a GOD and He is a Just, True and Righteous God, and He will not allow His people to be deceived. If there are 5 righteous persons in This Bahamas praying against the evil of politics, then God will hear our prayers. Let us not take matters into our own hands, let us pray against the Philistines and let’s defeat them with our prayers…..God will hear us and He will deliver us from those Philistines……. remember, David was only a shepherd boy and he took on that army all by himself……He had God on his side…and God did come through for him like He will for us!!!! Come on Let us Praise Him for His goodness in advance!!Amen!
      I will predict that there are good God-fearing men in the FNM who have not sold their souls to satan, they will defect from the FNM and make it physically for them to run, much less win dishonestly……. GOD IS NOT DEAD, HE CAN’T DIE!

  6. Well, we all know the Haitian people doesn’t mind risking their lives to come here, despite the fact they is talk bad about the country after they already settled down in it. It just hurt me to think how far members of our government would go just to get these people’s votes. These people care and don’t know the first thing about our country to talk about they voting in our election. All this FNM government had to do is treat the Bahamian people right, but that’s hard for them to do, so now they have to go through all this hassle just to get votes. This serve them right though and I hope that boat captain sings like a d*mn canary and implicate all of them who are involved with this wicked plot. Also, I wish they breakdown on their calculations come election day and all those who they give paper to thinking they would get their votes, take their papers and don’t show up on election day or turn around and vote their azzes out. Some of them is get confused easily anyhow, they might get mix up with the party they tell them to vote for.

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