South Abaco residents left neglected by the FNMs Thompson and Key


South Abaco, Bahamas — As we told Roscoe Thompson III, yes the man who was FNM all his life, we ga show him who is man when BP pollsters land in South Abaco this week to conduct election polls in that constituency. You see, it is people like Roscoe Thompson and Edison Key who have been in the places of power for a long time now and its time to send them both packing.

BP correspondent caught this photo of a Haitian weeding around his house in the Mud. Guess which FNM candidate is he voting for, Key or Thompson? We will soon find out, stay tuned!

While Papa was in power for the past 15 years it is people like Roscoe and Key who have been the beneficiaries of the FNM government. They granted themselves all the contracts and hogged up much of the business opportunities in South Abaco. And so when Bahamas Press ground team land in that constituency this week, we will be merciless to the likes of Key and Thompson.

Yesterday our advance ground forces landed in the South Abaco and beginning today a two man team will start in Moores Island and then move on to Sandy Point and then onto Crossing Rock. At this point we will give our assessment. And then we will proceed up to Marsh Harbour. We will then move into Mr. Thompson’s Shopping Centre where we will setup right in front of the entrance and exit to allow voters to participate. We hope both Key and Thompson will gather potential “Bahamian voters” for our assessment.

Meanwhile, before this writer is scheduled to arrive in the constituency, look at what is happening down in South Abaco right now. Now get this, Papa is having South Abaco pot holes filled with fill instead of tar, while his hometown Coopers Town in North Abaco just had their roads redone with 6 inch thick tar. Coopers Town also has new side walks that a car can fit on.

Next week, BP’s advance team will also move into the North to see how PLP candidate, Renardo Curry, is doing.

Schooner Bay here we come!


  1. What happened – I was hoping you would poll me today – why the no show?

    BTW stop making things up and learn some FACT finding techniques!

    • We are not selective of the people poll, but they are being interviewed as reported yesterday. We shall report our findings later this week. OK!
      THERE IS NOTHING THE FNMS [Roscoe Thompson III and Edison Key ] could do to stop us in Abaco,


  2. BP, you aren’t tired of all this bull you write. I don’t think I ever met someone so full of crap. I called you out last night and again tonight. Get your facts straight for once.

    • You are not tired reading BP ROSCOE? Perhaps you can tell us if an agency of the government ever rented from your complexes? Have they? We do get our facts right! Be and FNM in Green all you want, all we ask you to do is STOP reading BP! BP is now in ABACO!


  3. The ONLY truth here is that the Ministry of Works is filling holes in Marsh Harbour with fill instead of Tar.

    Everything else is pure BS, but it’s nothing we haven’t come to expect from BP.

    After all BP wouldn’t dare put his name to anything he writes because he knows he can’t stand behind it.

    There’s nothing like responsible journalism and this is NOTHING like responsible journalism.

    Paid PLP Propagandist!

  4. you might as well give it up, you know Roscoe Thompson will win that seat and any spin on his affiliation is not gaining traction with voters

  5. you might as well give it up, you know Roscoe Thompson will win that seat and any spin on his affiliation is not gaining traction with voters

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