Senior FNM Party Officer questioned at CDU – WHY?

FNM Headquarters on Mackey Street.

NASSAU| Police are getting closer to developing a case brought following a complaint by current FNM Deputy Chairman Richard Johnson. 

Johnson’s complaint came following a violent exchange outside the FNM Mackey Street Headquarters where he was assaulted and a weapon was exposed by his attacker. 

Police have tracked down the person accused in the attack.  However, a greater crime to obstruct justice followed. Police found the CCTV to the FNM Headquarters was mysteriously not working and a neighbouring CCTV from a private business was wiped clean by senior party operators. 

Police questioned an officer of the FNM on the matter who pointed them to a senior FNM.

Three weeks ago, Police questioned the role of that senior party officer and we understand charges are being prepared. 

Bahamas Press is watching these events as something stinks high up in the leadership of the FNM – and it is not cheese.

Why legal teams connected to the party are present at CDU to be with the senior FNM should be explained to the public. EVERYONE IS QUIET ON THIS!

BP will be watching.

We report yinner decide!