Three deadly traffic fatalities in just three days – 21 now dead in fatalities for the year…

Fatal Crash which claimed the life of two drivers on Sunday morning April 21, 2024.

FREEPORT| Police on Grand Bahama are now investigating the 21st traffic fatality in the country which occurred around 9pm Monday night. 

The mishap occurred on Midshipmen Road and Churchill Drive and involved the driver of a Honda CR-V driven by a 61-year-old male, who was with a 59-year-old female passenger. They were driving west on Midshipmen Road when they collided with a blue Nissan Fuga driven by a 43-year-old male driver. Following the incident the 61-year-old driver was unresponsive, showing no signs of life. 

His passenger and the other male driver both sustained serious injuries and were both transported to the Rand Hospital. This incident marked the 21st traffic fatality for the year.

Meanwhile, here in the capital two men, a 47-year old Bahamian and a Filipino national, died following a deadly crash early on Sunday morning (April 21st, 2024). 

The fatality occurred along West Bay Street around 2am in the morning near Kiskadee Drive (just west of Blake Road).  One of the vehicles drove in the lane of the other causing a head-on collision. The body of both drivers had to be extracted. One of the vehicles was registered to Commonwealth Brewery. 

Bahamas Press is warning motorists to exercise due care and attention when operating a vehicle. Do not drink and drive. Do not text and drive. Slow down and reduce speed when operating a vehicle. The life you will save could be your very own.

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