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sail-a-way<<< This is the scene at Arawak Cay, just yards away from the police station, amid children on a public beach. This is a more respectable photo. However, amid the profanity, nakedness, slack dance and blatant disregard for women, one must wonder who would give such a group license to parade in such manner on a public beach? ( photo)

Nassau, Bahamas — Something is terribly wrong these days in our society, as we live now in a community where the young refuse to accept the fact, that there is more to life than sex and fancy cars.

On last week our journey took us to a popular beach area around noon. It is common because there one can mediate and juggle the ideas for a story. That beach area is now a crowded place on any given day. People are unemployed, it’s hot and the kids are home on holiday. But what amazed us on this particular day was a scene of two teenagers ‘snatch-up’ alongside a casuarinas tree making bones in the middle of the day. WHAT IDOLNESS we said to ourselves.20050626t010000-0500_83122_obs_selling_sex_is_easy_money_1

What could those two young irresponsible people be thinking? What would cause them to bring their ‘private business’ outside for public viewing was beyond us? With all the cost to rare children, find a job, pay light, water and cell phone, what in the world could these two have on their minds? Exposing themselves in this way, amidst those little four and five year olds; was just too irresponsible. And moreover, JUST PLAIN NASTY!

This is our society today however, where ‘NASTINESS’ in the name of LIBERTY, FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE has taken hold of this society. Even the pastors have little regard for the young these days. Some would say to us, “Well, what planet you’ll been living on, this is how it has always been.” But we beg to differ. What we in the Bahamas are witnessing today is the ‘combustion of cultures’ and an Americanization of ‘liberal thinking’ now all through the country. Where people have come to the place to say, “Let’s just do it!” Anywhere, anytime and with anyone, and here’s where we see it getting worse.

On July 10th, we celebrated Independence and this same beach near Arawak Cay held a beach party, which can be view on the self publishing website The clip, which we cannot provide, is equal to the American version ‘Girls Gone Wild’. Guys holding their crotch like Michael Jackson and girls raising their sheer bikini straps on a public beach [With CHILDREN ALL AROUND] at an afternoon event in Nassau. In the clip the announcer ‘CUSSES OUT’ his audience on loud speakers. Calling them whores and that “B” word all over the microphone repeatedly. They called it celebrating independence. Mind you, the police station was less than 30 feet away. And we are certain officers were in the crowd fanning the VULGAR atmosphere.

5x7-wetnmad-goodbyesummaflyerfrontThis scene deeply disturbed us. Imagine, women walking around with only a string around their waist and one between their hip and an announcer calling them every vile name in the book on LOUD SPEAKERS! How did we get like this? What are we telling our children? Such events should never be given license in the first place. But if it is, GO TO A PRIVATE BEACH to get loose, not a public one! [But in this ad inset you would see the same organizers has another WET n’ Mad event slated for Arawak Cay this coming August 3rd. AGAIN ON THE PUBLIC BEACH]

Look where we have come. We’ve come to a place where we glorify NASTINESS! Where women would display their gymnastic ability with no clothes on in front of children on a public beach!  Where the announcer goes under the name “Selecta Jimbo” would cuss them underneath their clothes on loud speakers for all to hear. Asking the young girls to take out their breast for everyone to see on a PUBLIC BEACH! WHAT IS THIS? What a scene, which then allows six, seven and eight men all one time violate the private parts of these young girls snapping videos and photos of them for all in the world to see. Indeed this is rape and public indecency being carried out yard in front of a Royal Bahamas Police Force station.

We’ve said it before, do what you must to calm your raging hormones. Do what you must to stroke your wild fantasies. Walk round naked ALL YOU PLEASE, but for goodness sake, keep it from the children and take it somewhere private. Stop polluting our PUBLIC environments with such VILE NASTINESS!


  1. I could only live my life and the most I could do for anybody else is give them what I regard as good advice. If your take it or don’t take it, I couldn‘t careless. If you don’t care about yourself, why should I? Who want go out there and show off their front and back to the world that is their business. Just respect others and do it some where private, because aint everybody wants see what your **** walking about naked.

  2. You people and your morals crack me up. Young people in skimpy clothing did not start and end in one event. It developed over time. Lets take somethings into consideration. The event was held on a public beach. They company had a license to have the event. They had a license to serve liquor. The event was blocked off from the general public. If you want to preach morality, by all means, do so. Its a free country and you have that right.

    As soon as you recognize that talking down to the “problem” is not going to fix the “problem”. Matter of fact, what you may consider a problem is just a way of life for some. As soon as you get over the fact that everyone is not the same, they better it would be for you.

  3. What I love about Bahamian mothers is their ability to get information off the streets about slutty females.Every Sunday afternoon young females get on the backs of motorbikes and are seen all iover the streets in skimpy clothing.It is like going to Cuba to get laid by some of the most beautiful sluts in the world.I heard about a male who brought a sexual disease from Cuba and passed it onto his girlfriend who is pregnant.I was no saint in my teen years and into my twenties but I shall tell you that I got plenty meat from many females but only communicated with them at night.Fun girls are just that and should never expect a decent husband.I have a daughter who introduced me to her boyfriend so I engaged him on current affairs and World news.Luckily for him he had an opinion or I would have told him to go and update himself b4 he tried to romance my daughter or any other female.Tough love is the antidote if we hope to save our children.My children think am anti social because I sometimes ask male and females if they can read and write.

  4. I know some women today who are sitting down trying to figure out why they can’t get someone to marry them. When they were young and immature they used to like to be running up and down with Tom, Dick and Harry dressed half naked and now they little older now and they trying to settle down and be more serious. Even though they don’t carry on like that any more, it is still hard for them to find a man that would trust them. The past has a way of coming back to haunt you.

  5. Decisions are important as no one wants to have a mate who was/is vulgar.I grew up over the hill but ensured that I never did what others practiced.My decisions have kept me above the fray as I fear no one has a tape or any information available on me.I shudder to think what happens to these girls who practice slutty behavior,.Not because others get involved means its ok.And ladies I shall share another male secret:we want to look in and out of females but will not even think twice about making them our mates.We fornicate like dogs but expect our lov wers/wives to be virgins.What hypocrisy.

  6. I heard about a lady who was in high school about thirty years ago, she allowed a video to be taken of her and a number of other girls having sex with young men. Today being a college educated professional, she is still unable to find steady employment and when she does, the video pops up and people once again distance themselves from her. Imagine these young ladies now who in ten years will be regretting their current lifestyles. The you-tube videos and cell phone pictures will still be around and someone, somewhere will make sure keep a copy to hand to their children when they grow up. These same men who take pleasure in these displays will ensure that they never marry any of these girls who even mention that they were at these places.

  7. Men need to remember that they have female relatives too and they should think how they would feel if it was their mother, daughters, sister and other family members being treated as sexual objects.

  8. The problem today is there are just too many men and women out there with low self esteem and every time you try to talk some sense in their heads, they think you are nothing more than a hater or you must be jealous of them. The sad reality is when you really look at it; there is nothing to be jealous about. I only wish they could actually see how vulgar and stupid they are to be exposing their bodies and being loose in front of strangers. The sad part is the same people who are there cheering them on who they believe are with them are actually laughing at them and they are the ones that will never allow them to live it down. Even if they have changed and want to do something positive with their lives, a hundred years later you could find these same people coming out the woodwork bringing up their past like it was just yesterday. That’s how these low lives operates, they enjoy focusing on the negative, but they know just how to erase from their memories the good you did in life. Just recently what happened with our Miss Bahamas was a prime example, I was so happy that she won the competition and then when I listen people started to reveal negative things about her past that we never knew and that is when I had to say, “leave that young lady alone Satan, she is trying to do something positive with her life.” What I have come to realize in life everybody has to learn for themselves and who can’t swim, will surely drown. I don’t believe in taking advice from any and everybody, because some people don’t always have good intentions, but if I can see where an advice would help me and I don’t have to experience any unnecessary pain, I would take the advice and run with it. We all have to realize that the decision we make today can affect us for the rest of our lives.

  9. now while every writer here made their point and stand by them; there a point that media is saying. While we are free to do what we want, in reality we are not completely free. Having that sort of activity on a public beach whether it was close to the public, remember it is a public beach, and others will be there, hence the term public. I agree if you want to strip, put out your assest for all to see, then go somewhere private. And yea some children know more about sex than when I was ten, so why continue to expose them to this kind of lifestyle so openly.
    You know our parents weren;t saints but we sure as hell didn’t know this.
    You see there is no need to wonder why our young girls are dressing and acting so sexual and our boys are taking every opportunity to have no regards for the opposite sex, it’s right there for them to see and hear
    Some of you are saying the young people have nothing to do and nowhere to go, well here are some suggestions, clean your house, wash your clothes, clean the yard, read a book, cook a meal every once in a while, and at the day of the day, sit on the porch, or the back of the yard and enjoy some time with your kids finding out about their day, what they want to be in life, or what conflict they had and how they solve it.
    Could ya see the change

  10. Isn’t the media suppose to be unbiased. This author is seems to be bent on placing the blame for everything that is wrong on one event. When you have proof that someone got naked in public, provide us with it.

    Right now, you are operating of hear-say. O! By the way, what did you do when you say the two kids having sex in public. I would hate to think you did nothing to stop them, but you ran to tell us. Thats so hypocritical. I had to ask because all you did was talk about the what you say, but you didn’t say what you did to stop it and in my book, that is just as bad.

    Someone famous once said, “Empty vessels make the most noise”. I haven’t heard one good suggestion on how to solve this problem(s). If you willing to scream fire, you should at least be willing to fetch the water and help put the fire out.

    Thats all I have to say on that.

  11. The beauty of democracy is that their is choice. The author of this article had a choice. A choice to go to the beach, a choice to be outraged at what they saw and heard and a choice to write about it. The women and men that went to this event had a choice. A choice to pay a $5 or $10 entry fee, a choice to walk around in swimsuits and a choice to listen to what was being said.

    It is blatant and willful ignorance to assume that everyone is going to be interested in the seem thing. Things are all to often measured in black and white, right and wrong, liberal and conservative. I feel that at the end of the day, it all comes down to balance.

    What we need to understand is that there are people who enjoy this type of thing. There are people who don’t. Where is the rule that says that something is wrong with someone for wanting to partake in something like this.

    We need to learn to respectfully disagree and stop trying to impose what or how we feel about something on others. Stop assuming that everyone feels the same way because everyone doesn’t. Stop trying to speak for people who have clearly not ask to be spoken for.

    We need to respect the right of others to make decisions, no matter how much we may disagree with those decision. Recognize that just how you decided not to go to this event, someone decided to do the opposite and go. Its the same decision, its a different result.

    The long and short of this whole comment is “lets stop being hypocrites”. No laws were broken, no one was killed, people had fun. Next time, before you sit down to write, instead of opening your eyes, open your mind. Stop being narrow minded. Stop having tunnel vision. Try to understand things from other vantage points. At the end of the day, you will be a better writer for doing it.

  12. @Nunya
    So what if a child at 3 years-old is cussing, IT HAPPENS NUNYA! But that’s not the point, what about the ones that don’t!? Many children that don’t smoke weed and cuss also go to the beach to enjoy the natural resources of the country, and not this kind of pollution.

    BOI I SEE WHY WHITE PEOPLE GAT POOL! Because where ever yall NIGGAS gather, you must turn it into a ‘BLOOD CRAZED PROFANITY STRIP JOINT’!

    CUSSIN in private is not a crime, doing it in public on LOUD SPEAKERS IS!

    Women wearing skimpy strip tease outfits on the beach is not a crime, TAKING IT COMPLETELY OFF AND HAVING ORAL SEX IN PUBLIC IS!

    PAY FOR A PRIVATE BEACH AND DO ALL WHAT YOU WANT! You would not hear a lick from us, but if you attempt to do it August 3rd, TRUST ME, this will get worse!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  13. Maybe I came off “wrong” the first time… don’t group me into any particular category taking the side of the PEOPLE as you put it. I just find it funny how “THE BETTER HALF OF PEOPLE” make noise about one thing and turn a blind eye to the other. Trust me profanity to our children, is the least of our worries. Most of them know more about sex and other MESS than you before the age of 10!! I’m guessing that your children don’t watch tv and go online? And I guess you squirm at the suggestion of Junkanoo (which is a family event and televised) as the provocative dancing parades downtown Nassau with girls wearing little or nothing at times? But I get it, we are NOW trying to be good citizens and clean up the mess that is far gone. People will do what they wanna do, it’s the Bahamas. And last time I check, “cussin” isn’t a crime. I’m sure everyone knows these words by now, thats not gonna make your children feel implied to do the same. But at the end of the day, the show will go on, the police will be the chaperons and it will come and go. So all fed up commenters, thank the writer of this article for informing you seem to have a problem. You now know when the next one is, so let’s try and find another beach with no profanity and thong styled bikinis- when you do please let me know.

  14. Where is the Christian Council on this MESS, where is that police officer who tried to lock-up me and my wife for cleaning fish at the end of this same beach. I cry SHAME on that police officer I have his NUMBER. This is a crying shame.

  15. Hi, just for the record, the event was closed off. Secondly, don’t bash this one event for such things happening, you want to protect your children? Keep them away from school, keep them away from the mall, keep them away from the movies, keep them away from Junkanoo. Its all one in the same just in a different form. People have the freedom to do anything here and you know that. Protect your kids? Start it in the home, because obviously SOME parents out there failing if they can’t control their kids into becoming such “whores” you speak about.

    Get a life, the thing makes money!!!! MAD ARE WE?!??!
    get wet and mad…BAM BAM BAM lol

    • There you have it people. PEOPLE in this society believe they can do what they want, where they want and disrespect everyone else. The LOUD SPEAKERS and all the profanity is not sealed off. THIS IS A PUBLIC BEACH! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. How I see it, there is NOTHING substantial in nassau for the young people to do, so, what do expect? Thank God for Mario’s place soon opening up…give the young people something to do other than party…The one bowling alley we had was replaced with a furniture store. So, Of course they are gonna find some way to be entertained whether it is the club or beach party. Everyone doesn’t have the same beliefs or morals so don’t expect everyone to act the same as you do. Judging others on their chosen lifestyle is no one’s buisness but their own. Only GOD ALMIGHTY can judge. What busy body people need to do is make sure their own home is in order. Wasn’t the beach party closed off from the public’s eye? So what is it to you? Mind your own business. That’s my two cents.

  17. Over the last few years there has been a steady yet rapid decline in the morality of this country. This has aided the corruption and deterioration in just about every facet of our society. It saddens me. Nevertheless, it is on us to carry ourselves in ways that we deem representative ourselves. I don’t see how we can place the blame on anyone else.

    This country is in the state it is in because of the early sexualization of our children. They are exposed to too much too fast. It speaks to the high occurences of HIV and AIDS, and of course the high rates of teenage pregnancy. What do you expect them to do? Like any other male dominated society, we are taught that to become a man, you must have as many partners as possible. It has come to define manhood. What has changed drastically in recent years is the way in which women approach men. They have become the aggressors. These women, learn in early their teen years, that their sexuality is a way to get what they want. By the time these girls leave high school, their bodies are tired. It is a trend that sadly repeats. The biggest problem is it is occurring earlier and earlier with each generation.

    As a young woman, I am disgusted, but it all really depends on self-worth and self esteem. It took me along time to realize that not everyone has the same values instilled in them. I have said it before, but we cannot blame the church. Blame the parents! Many Bahamian parents are failing their children, by allowing them too many freedoms and not teaching them what it means to have respect for self and others.

  18. Everywhere you look the young ladies are exposing their bodies. Many of them are looking for “baby daddies” men who can afford to pay them substantial amounts of money for child support or just to have a baby to avoid getting married. Some of them blatantly say that their bodies is theirs to do as they wish and they like sex and will do it with anyone who has enough money. So BP, the situation is worse than you say, look at the number of single women between the ages of 15 and 25 who are now pregnant or doing what it takes to become so. Even if it means enticing unexpecting men into their web of deceit by walking around half naked. Mothers of many of these young women wear the same things and spend money buying the revealing clothing for their young daughters.

  19. I suspect that the female makeup is false as too many young girls have huge bungies and breast.My sweetie has small breast so I avoid going places where the breast of females are exposed.All fashion blouses make it a point of showing the female breast which stimulates male hormones.We wonder why the Muslims do not allow their females to show any part of their bodies publicly.The youing people of today have no qualms in exposing their bodies and even at churhes females wear split in the back showing their panties.Here I go again criticising the church for not being proactive in addressing this vulgar situation.More recreation needs to be created to have young persons channel their energy in the right directions.Too many young Bahamians who have reluctantly returned home from schools are left with nowhere to go.I predict that the bowling alley proposed by Leslie Miller will be a smashing success and he will have to put in a system for persons to make appointments.

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