Sissies for Sarkis! Wife discovers ‘DILDO’ in politician’s carry-on bag


Politician comes out to defend developer after some believe he collected funds for his new office!

Sarkis Izmirlian - DA GYPSY/ JUNGALISS IN SUIT - goes into hiding!!
Sarkis Izmirlian – DA GYPSY/ JUNGALISS IN SUIT – goes into hiding!!

Nassau, Bahamas – An angry wife, who now has evidence that her politician husband has been having affairs with the same-sex, now wonders who else could possibly be in his black book list of “closet gymnasts”.

The mad politician was in the papers recently taking up defense for the “GYPSY in Cable Beach”, who is alleged to have advanced the MP some money to open his new practice on the Tonique Darling Highway.

The MP told Parliament there is no time to be “catching feelings” for Sarkis! Many believe the MP himself is guilty of what he is cautioning MPs about.

He – many are convinced – is one on a short list of a few ‘poofters’ who ran off with BIG MONEY from the Cable Beach gravy train!

We at BP feel terribly sorry for the wife though, who only months after the grand wedding at an Anglican Church over-the-hill, had to break-off running back home after finding damning evidence of gloves and a BIG DILDO in the MP’s bag!

All we at BP say is this to the politician “take ya own advice – and while ya at it- leave people small boy ‘churrin’ alone”!

We report yinner decide!


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