Standards sink to an ALL TIME LOW on the RBDF!

A RBDF marine fast asleep and snoring at the Goodman’s Bay Corporate Centre Desk with a service weapon in the draw. What kinda foolishness is this? BP at the desk and no service?
Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Commodore Raymond King

Nassau| So some defenders of Commodore Raymond King keep asking BP why we have a beef with the top man on the RBDF. And they do so ignoring the many images and reports we circulate about slack RBDF Marines.

Dey slack cause the leadership is slack! It is no surprise to us that Petty Officer Percival Perpall was shot dead on April 28th, 2019. Marines with no working guns were guarding Government House, fast asleep with no working CCTV system. Left defenceless and couldn’t protect themselves much-less the GG!

You have senior officers right now – today – sitting in some bar in UNIFORM taking shots (with they niece), they tell me.

Officers fast asleep at posts in various government offices. And get this: marines playing cowboy and  crooks on base while others sleep or play games, all while the sloops and poachers loaded with migrants invade our waters. Thank goodness for concerned civilians and the US COAST Guard!

Last week we posted a Bahamian fishing vessel attempting numerous times to contact the Defence Force Base in the southern Bahamas as they came up on a sloop of Haitian migrants invading our waters. The response was slow and delayed!

Some want us at BP to have nothing to say about these things. But we ga tell yinner it like this: We PAY PLENTY TAXES, TOO…AND WE ARE NOT GETTING VALUE FOR MONEY FROM OUR MARINES.

We wonder if any of King’s defenders accept yet that we are in the middle of a serious gang war, migrant invasion and Bahamians are shot at on the high seas? You think he get that yet? Young men and women are being shot dead while marines sleep, dribble and snore to the expense of taxpayers. Someone needs to look at our complaints here –  and we have many.

And to those who find our reports offensive we say; defend these slack marines all yinner want…just know we at BP have done our reviews and we are not satisfied with our findings.

The RBDF needs Real Respected Leadership…and Raymond King and all his rejects need to GO! ( I could a say that another way…but I haven’t reached that tipping point yet!)

We report yinner decide!