Social Services worker accused of ‘THIEFIN’ food cheques


Social Services employees arrested?

By Staff Writer/ FN News Desk

Following up on reports of Social Services employees being arrested for fraud, The Freeport News contacted the local police for confirmation in this matter.

According to police information two Social Services employees were arrested and questioned in connection with reported attempts to cash and use Social Services vouchers at Solomons Wholesale on Queens Highway.

However, the police report revealed that because officers needed to conducted further investigations into this matter to determine whether or not this was the first time something like this was done, or whether it was a regular occurrence, the employees were released from custody.

But additional reports reaching this daily allege that the checks were for persons who were deceased.

Attempts to reach Social Service, up to press time, proved futile. There was no answer to their phone.

The Freeport News will continue its investigations into this matter and will provide updates.


  1. This is government you know, most of these government corporation are corrupt. I wouldn’t be surprise if they were stealing all them food voucher for themselves and giving it to their families. Then when the people who really need it go there, they want give them hell. Freeport News need to stay on top of this and expose them. People need to start going to jail in this country, that’s the only way they will stop. More than likely they will expose them and then after that you anything else about it, just like that thing with road traffic.

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