SOME 98 migrants attempting to enter The US will be handed over to the Bahamas for deportation…

Haitian slope. File Photo

USA| Bahamas Press now has updated intel on those migrants headed to the Bahamas.

We understand The United States Coast Guard now has those 98 migrants consisting of 97 Haitians (52 adult males, 35 adult female, 2 minor male, 8 minor female), and 01 Ugandan adult male to be handing them over to Bahamas Immigration officials at the Lucayan Harbour Freeport, on Sunday, 16th October at 10: 00 am.

NOW GET THIS: All migrants are expected to be flown into New Providence later Sunday evening to be kept at the Detention Centre Carmichael Road until deported to Haiti.

Meanwhile, the US Coast Guard by the request of the Haitian Government has stationed a fleet outside the Haitian port to monitor migration. The US is about to deal with the unrest down in the Island nation.

THE State Department wrote: “The United States stands with the people of Haiti in their desire to see an end to the political impasse and prolonged violence that have aggravated the humanitarian conditions for many innocent people.”